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Lucinda Douglas

This empowerment speaker with with a "Yes you can" mindset speaks on personal leadership, sales is sexy, branding and making an unforgettable impact
Country: Netherlands

Empowerment speaker Lucinda Douglas helps women to reach the top of their capacities, become the best version of themselves and become successful in life and business! She was nominated for the encouragement award “Ethnical Business Woman of the Year” as well as the VIVA 400 as one of the most inspirational women. Speaking from the heart, Lucinda infects audiences with her positive attitude and belief that YES YOU CAN!

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As an international keynote speaker, Lucinda Douglas knows how to motivate and inspire people like no other! With her YES YOU CAN mentality she reaches a wide audience and empowers them to go beyond their limits – making the impossible possible!

She loves getting teams in the winning mood, so that set-back and negative experiences won’t influence their goals and well-being. She is a life artist specialized in leadership, sales, marketing and personal branding. Her high-energy speaking style and positive mindset energizes and empowers clients to achieve success.

 As a transformational speaker Lucinda Douglas has empowered audiences from major companies including UPS, Salesforce, Samsung, PWC, and the Dutch Defence forces. She has also spoken at the African Top in Nigeria in 2018 and the United Nations has often asked her to write columns on topics like the existence of the glass ceiling. She has also participated in a European program called: The future is female. Lucinda is the European Board Member of Women in Exhibitions. After her last corporate position- Commercial director of an international transport and logistics company she chose to become and author, speaker, mentor and give advice to companies on how to become irresistible.

Born in South Africa and raised at the time of the apartheid, she experienced many hardships but none that she has not that she has not been able to conquer. Lucinda moved to The Netherlands 2 decades ago. Despite arriving in a new country with no knowledge of the language, her YES YOU CAN mentality and her resilience pushed her past all obstacles. When life throws obstacles at her, Lucinda can bounce back thanks to her positive mindset. In 2012 she was named Top 10 Sales Leader of the Netherlands. In 2016, Lucinda was nominated for the Ethnic Business Woman of the Year Entrepreneurial Award and named VIVA 400 as one of the most inspiring women in the Netherlands. Lucinda is an honorary lecturer at the university of Wittenborg as she knows how to inspire.

Lucinda believes that for women to get ahead, they have to buckle up and she knows how to get them moving. In particular she’s an expert on the topics of bounce-back and resilience, female leadership and entrepreneurship. She passionately coaches and empowers women to overcome self-imposed limits and achieve their dreams.

“My personal story and my energetic action serve as a springboard so that you, without hesitation, fear and hindrances, deeply indulge yourself in doing business and living your dream. Because nothing stops you. Yes You Can!”

    Empowerment Speaker Lucinda Douglas

    Empowerment Keynote: YES YOU CAN!

    • Lucinda’s thought-provoking and humorous story ‘Yes You Can Woman’ is a powerful tool for empowering your team to grow.
    • Let speaker Lucinda Douglas’s story inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and achieve a winning mindset! Her talks are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your success!“Picking the ripe fruits of your own actions. Going in new ways with confidence!” Lucinda Douglas is convinced that you can achieve anything you want – and tells her personal story as proof of that.
    • Lucinda firmly believes that even the ‘smallest’ personal success can make a big impact. You can influence your own success and well-being far more than you know.  In this keynote Lucinda shows her audience how to get the “YES YOU CAN”mentality.

    Empowerment Speaker Lucinda Douglas

    Inspirational keynote: Succesful in life and business

    • In her book “The Only 21 stories you will ever need to be succesful in life and business” Lucinda encouraged 20 others to share their inspiring life-experience. In her autobipgraphy “Yes You Can Woman” Lucinda shares her own personal story and provides the reader with 17 empowerment lessons based on her experiences.
    • Lucinda has overcome a great deal to arrive where she is. Born in South Africa and raised at the time of the apartheid, she experienced many hardships but none that she has not that she has not been able to conquer.
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