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Annicken R. Day

Corporate Culture Specialist and CEO
Country: Norway

Keynote speaker Annicken R. Day is a successful speaker, corporate culture expert and the CEO of Corporate Spring. She is an experienced and professional public speaker with a great passion for creating joy at work. With a creative mind but structured methods she is able to spark a new workplace-understanding in leaders and teams.  

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Annicken R. Day, started her company Corporate Spring in 2012. Corporate Spring is a firm which provides tailor-made learning solutions for companies to help them improve and embrace their corporate culture. Annicken R. Day guides, trains and equips leaders and teams with the necessary tools to become more inspired, better and more consolidated in their work.

She inspires corporations to new ways of leading and helps building thriving organizations equipped for the 21st century. When working as a facilitator and keynote speaker, Annicken R. Day profits from her 8 years working experience as the head of People & Culture/Chief Cultural Officer in the global technology company Tandberg, followed by 3 years as  “Culture Evangelist” in Cisco Systems (when Tandberg was acquired by Cisco). She has trained thousands of leaders and employees the last 13 years and has again and again witnessed the amazing effect highly engaged employees and inspiring corporate cultures have on collaboration, innovation, growth and on companies bottom line.

Annicken R. Day has a variety of keynotes and Masterclasses that will encourage for great reflections and inspire for change. She regularly gives international talks and is known for her inspiring, refreshing and energetic style and her ability to simplify the complicated and help people see that there may be a better way to lead, to work and to live.

She strongly believes that the change is the only constant, that the extraordinary can only be achieved by challenging the ordinary and that you can only achieve something you never had, by doing something you never did.

    Keynote by Speaker Annicken R. Day

    Corporate Culture; Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.

    • 60% of all CEOs say that they worry about their corporate culture and whether it encourages collaboration, engagement, retention, innovation and growth. How to build corporate cultures that support your vision, create great workplaces where people love to work – and collaborate, innovate and deliver outstanding performance as a consequence.

    Keynote by Speaker Annicken R. Day

    Engagement; Shiny Eyes.

    • Highly engaged employees deliver 40% better results than those less engaged but only 13% of the global workforce are engaged at work. What is engagement, what creates it, and why are shiny eyes really good for business.

    Keynote by Speaker Annicken R. Day

    Leadership: 21st century leadership principles.

    • Old ways of leading (command and control) don’t work anymore. Leaders who embrace 21st century leadership principles are more effective and deliver far better results according to research. What 21st century leaders do and how to become one.

    Keynote by Speaker Annicken R. Day

    The Butterfly-Effect

    • 7 steps to awaken human potential in business

    Keynote by Speaker Annicken R. Day

    Creating thriving business

    • Getting the balance right; Mind  & heart, masculine & feminine, work & play, fun & profit.

    Keynote by Speaker Annicken R. Day

    Masterclass: Awakening Human Potential

    • In this customer tailored Masterclass Annicken R. Day will show your company how to awaken team potential and how to keep it up. She shows you how to get ready for the big change and embrace it instead of rejecting it.
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