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Habitual Thinking Speakers

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Speakers about habitual thinking (4)

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Alison Canavan

Alison Canavan leverages her experience facilitating life balance, health, and well-being workshops to offer practical tools for alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression.

travels from USA

Named one of the top life coaches in the United States by USA Today, Alison Canavan specializes in helping others manage stress. Working with top companies in developing workplace strategies, her health and well-being workshops transform business...


Annicken R. Day

Global Executive Advisor aka “The Scandinavian Business Therapist” Entrepreneur, Culture Expert, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author

travels from Norway

CHIEF CULTURE OFFICER AND HYBRID WORK EXPERT: Scandinavian-born Annicken R. Day has been a pioneer in the leadership and culture space for the last 20 years. Working in the videoconference industry, as one of the world’s first “Chief Culture...


Peter Bregman

Leadership expert, author and consultant advising CEOs and senior leaders at the world’s premier organizations

travels from USA

The keynote speaker Peter Bregman is an advisor to CEOs and senior leaders at the world’s premier organizations, Peter Bregman offers surprisingly practical ideas that immediately impact the way people approach their work and their lives,...


Terry Paulson

Psychologist and change expert who is a leading authority on change management helping people to break through

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Terry Paulson's motivating message is exactly what people need to get past the uncertainty and indecision of these challenging times to make change work. You get a fired up audience. More importantly, you'll see people implement what...

Habitual Thinking
Habitual Thinking
5 out of 5 stars

Really helpful advice on choosing a suitable speaker and a professional job in organising.

Taunton School

About Habitual Thinking

  • Habitual thinking is a term used mostly in the negative sense, to signal people caught in the same old habits, unable to really move on.
  • Habitual thinking can be constricting because old habits will close the door on new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of doing things.
  • Worst case scenario habitual thinking can mean the end of a company, an artistic career or, for that matter, friendships or live affairs.
  • Keynote speakers on habitual thinking take a closer look at the nature of habitual thinking and on how to break the rule of old habits.
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