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Playing Speakers

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About Playing

  • We all know how to play – or at least we once used to. Some people remain playful throughout life while others, as we know from classic children’s literature, eventually leave the Neverland, Narnia and Fantásia forever.
  • If we stay alive for long enough we grow up, turn into adults and we forget to play. Or do we? Perhaps we just start playing in other ways – in the sports club, at work or maybe in the bedroom?
  • There are many ways of playing, not the least among children where you find playing relying mostly on physical elements, playing relating to taking on roles as well as playing leaning more towards the character of games.
  • Keynote speakers on playing typically take a look at children, their games, their various ways of playing. Other and related topics, however, may include games and sports as well as art, music and other creative outlets.