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Jeff Steinberg

travels from USA

A “unique” and highly sought after Keynote Speaker, Award Winning Entertainer & Author with a very unique challenge.

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The motivational and humorous speaker Jeff Steinberg, aka the Tiny Giant, was born with what most people call a handicap - no arms and malformed legs, however, Jeff has never let it stop him from following his dreams and he is eager to share his message with others. An entertaining speaker, he can help you overcome adversity and find your purpose. 

Why book speaker Jeff Steinberg

  • He was born with no arms and deformed legs and still dedicated his life to finding and living in his purpose. Jeff now inspires audience members to live in their purpose unapologetically, regardless of their circumstances.
  • Jeff inspires audience members through his acts of encouragement and confidence. Jeff influences audiences through discovering the best and worse parts of yourself and  embracing them as the masterpiece he knows everyone is.

He stands 4’6” tall on wobbly legs; he holds a microphone with a metal hook attached to a myo-electric prosthetic arm; yet he commands the entire stage and fills the auditorium with his “UNIQUE” presence and Message: “You’re A Masterpiece In Progress!”

Jeff is a Masterpiece In Progress!! Born with no arms, severely deformed legs and expectation that he would not survive, Jeff spent his early years in hospitals, including Shriners’ Hospital for Crippled Children in Philadelphia, PA facing multiple orthopedic surgeries; he learned to walk with a brace and was fitted with his first prosthetic arm. At age nine, he was placed into The Good Shepherd Home for the Physically Handicapped in Allentown, PA until he was 19.

As a young boy, Jeff learned the truth that would become the foundation of his life: “I am made to be awesome and wonderful!!”  He sees his disabilities as assets, not liabilities. Jeff is living proof that, “the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer!” He travels the globe with a very special message; that a real handicap is “…anything that keeps me from being or becoming all that I was created to be!”, “God uses the least likely person can accomplish the most extraordinary things in a most unusual way!”

For more than 50 years He has performed on TV Variety Shows & telethons. He was Co-Host for an entertaining and original informative Television Special, called “The Best You Can Be…The Handicapped Hall of Fame.” He was headline for the luncheon for “The President’s Council on Hiring Persons with Disabilities;” he appeared on “The Variety Club Telethon” with Host Monte Hall in the U.S. and CANADA. Jeff has shared the stage with various of big names.

Jeff has a very special Message for your next event: “Quit focusing on the handicap and start appreciating The Gift!!”

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Keynote by speaker Jeff Steinberg

All That I Can Be…

This keynote relates the discovery of the unique design of Jeff Steinberg. Jeff takes you through his journey to discovering his purpose, strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

  • Learn how to shape your future and find your purpose in life. Do what you were meant to do!
  • Recognizing, acknowledging and ultimately embracing, “all that you are” provides the foundation for me to become “all that you can be.”
Keynote by speaker Jeff Steinberg

How Handicapped Am I??

Everyone has limitations. The danger of self-actualization lies in accepting those limitations as “handicaps”.

Jeff has redefined the word “handicap” as anything that keeps him from being or becoming all that he was created to be, and he has replaced the myths we accept about our apparent limitations with a realistic understanding of what truly prevents success.

  • In this inspiring keynote you will learn how to see your limitations as advantages.
  • Understand how to get personal and professional fulfillment.
Keynote by speaker Jeff Steinberg

Some Assembly Required!! Putting Your Pieces Together to Make A Masterpiece.

The great and most successful leader isn’t the person with all the answers, but the one who knows the right questions to ask. Mark Twain said “The two most important questions in life are, “Who Am I?” and “Why am I here?”  

  • Jeff Steinberg talks about how to become a true leader!
  • Success has to do with truly knowing yourself; your talents & abilities; overcoming limitations and so much more!

The greatest person/the most successful leader isn’t the person with all the answers, but the one who knows the right questions to ask.”- Roger Salam. If you don’t like the answers you’re getting, perhaps you’re asking the wrong questions

Mark Twain said, “The two most important questions in life are, ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Why am I here’”

Success has to do with truly knowing yourself; your talents & abilities; overcoming limitations and so much more!

“Leadership and successes in business, as it is in life begins by knowing ourselves, rising above our perceived limitations and accepting the challenge to positively impact our world.” – Jeff Steinberg

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Jeff, your dramatic and meaningful delivery touched my heart.

Art Linklette


Jeff Steinberg is a gift from God reminding us all we can do hard things. His ability to inspire, train and entertain is transformational. I personally have had him speak at events ranging from teen entrepreneurs to 7 figure business owners and the crowd is always uplifted and filled with breakthroughs. Jeff is the perfect combination of a sobering reality with celebrity expertise. I highly recommend him for your next event.

David Fagan

The Icon Builder

Mr. Jeff Steinberg was a presenter at our conference in Panama City Beach, Florida “Jeff Steinberg is the Rocky of the “handicapable.

Pat Boone

Entertainer, Hollywood, CA

Jeff Steinberg’s presentation and message makes us realize that we limit our abilities through our beliefs and we create barriers as to what we can and can’t do. Jeff’s message was both inspirational and motivational. The audience was mesmerized by Jeff’s ability to perform and touch people’s lives in a way that has folks saying, ”If he can do what he does with his disabilities, I can accomplish more with my my abilities and opportunities. He is a true “Masterpiece in Progress” but most importantly, Jeff has a unique ability to inspire others that they too, are a “Masterpiece in Progress!

Grant Gravois

Agency Field Executive State Farm Insurance Companies

Jeff Steinberg teaches how to make it on the grit, gumption, God and an indomitable will to overcome severe physical limitiations.

Zig Ziglar

Motivational Teacher & Author

I have been working in prisons for almost 26 years and I have rarely seen the type of impact your visit had. You managed to show large groups of prisoners that the worst kind of pity that anyone can have is self pity. You are an inspiration to me personally and I hope that you will one day return to re-energise both my staff and prisoners who since you left have been buzzing about what they can do for themselves...fantastic event! Any Prison Governors considering booking Jeff and team it is well worthwhile.

Mr. Wyn Jones

Former Governor HMP Dovegate

It is my pleasure to support Jeff Steinberg. Jeff is an amazing, talented and very positive individual who has been able to overcome many obstacles in life that others would find difficult to face. He has has shared his talents with our hospitalized children. He has been extremely motivating for our children and always displays a very positive and uplifting presence. I support Jeff’s performance that incorporates both humorous stories and song. His talent is truly amazing and leaves everyone with a sense of pride and optimism.

G. Frank

LaBonte, FACHE, Former Administrator Shriner's Hospitals for Children

I first watched this Tiny Giant with mangled legs and no arms, sing and share his humor and deliver his special Message on a world-class level. He spoke with authority, passion, gratitude and humility. He kept me riveted to the edge of my seat. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The highly diverse audience of several hundred people was spellbound by Jeff, on so many levels. We all came away with a deeper Faith, a greater belief that we can let go of things holding us back, and accomplish anything we put our mind too. Jeff Steinberg has proven almost since his birth that he is unstoppable. I encourage you to schedule Jeff Steinberg for your next event

Frank Candy

Owner American Speakers Bureau
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