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Using empathy to change the face of leadership

Mimi Nicklin

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Unlock the power of empathy and human connection with Mimi Nicklin, who's helping organizations foster inclusive cultures and strong relationships.

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Are you seeking a dynamic keynote speaker who captivates audiences and delivers tangible results? Look no further than Mimi Nicklin! As a renowned motivational speaker, Mimi Nicklin ignites inspiration and empowers organizations to unlock their full potential. With her expertise in leadership, emotional intelligence, and effective communication, Mimi Nicklin is the catalyst for positive change. Don't miss the opportunity to book Mimi Nicklin for your next event and witness the transformative impact she brings.

Why you should book speaker Mimi Nicklin:

  • She is well-rounded. Speaker Mimi Nicklin is an experienced marketer and communications specialist, a well-known empathetic leader, and the Creative Officer and Regional Managing Director for a global advertising agency.
  • She uses her experience for the greater good. Mimi holds over 15 years of experience in creative interventions the propel business into cultural change.
  • She is creative. Maintaining a creative mind, speaker Mimi Nicklin has held many roles to change the face of humanism. She now showcases how to practice empathy and leadership within a variety of organizations.

Mimi Nicklin is the internationally bestselling author of ‘Softening The Edge,’ the Founder of the world’s first organisational empathy platform and the top 5 rated podcast host of ‘Mimi-YouYou’ show. She is an experienced organisation consultant and the CEO of global ad agency, Freedm. She is a well- known keynote speaker, contributor and advocate for the global movement to balance humanism and capitalism in our workplaces, focusing on the future of leadership. An inclusive millennial leader, she passionately talks about empathy as the road to higher performance, workplace wellness, multigenerational team engagement , effective communication & diversity & inclusion success.

Aspirational yet accessible, with a charismatic and infectious stage presence Mimi is a truly global leader and personality. A CEO, bestselling author, keynote speaker, MC and deeply personable coach, with over 16 years in the marketing communication industry across 25+ markets, her commitment to her craft is both contagious and utterly authentic, capturing audiences instantly.

Her passion to help make the world a more empathetic, valuable and sustainably healthy place to be is as infectious as it is needed. And, given her current momentum, she might just be the change we have been waiting for.

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Keynote topics by speaker Mimi Nicklin

Global bestselling author, marketer, and leading empathetic advocate, Mimi Nicklin naturally engages her audience with her keynotes. She speaks on various of topics, such as leadership, marketing and change.

She is cable of delivering the following keynote speeches:

  • How will today’s leaders conquer tomorrow?
  • Why social intelligence is todays leadership mandate.
  • The future of leadership lays in listening.
  • The connection between brain and body in workplace wellness.
  • The generational divide and how to solve it with empathy.
  • Can you overcome burnout and stress by listening more?
  • Is empathy your secret leadership superpower?
  • Is empathy your secret communication superpower?
  • What is the hidden “E” in D,E & I Succes?
  • Handling conflict and overcoming complexity with empathy.
  • Relationship building starts with listening.
  • Why communication excellence relies on empathy.
  • The power of storytelling to change your business/brand.
  • Why brand journalism will change the future of content.
  • The power of emotional connectivity in hybrid teams.
Catch speaker Mimi Nicklin in action!

Mimi Nicklin Speaker Reel

Catch speaker Mimi Nicklin in action!

Mimi Nicklin appears LIVE on the BBC News to 85 million viewers

Catch speaker Mimi Nicklin in action!


Catch speaker Mimi Nicklin in action!

Live on TV1 with Tharindu Amarasekara

Catch speaker Mimi Nicklin in action!

Mimi Nicklin LIVE at Bhopal Literature & Art Festival 2023

See keynotes with Mimi Nicklin


Mimi's inimitable energy delivered a hugely valuable message to our team that taught us how to improve organizational performance while still managing our personal and professional relationships. I 1,000% recommend her, and we can’t wait to work with her again."

Céline Gauthier-Darnis

Founder, Dynadmic

“Mimi went above and beyond in her role as an MC for our regional event, not only understanding our vision, but in representing who we are as a company. She promoted the event through her own network to help raise awareness which we were extremely grateful for. Not only is Mimi extremely professional, passionate and hardworking, but she engages the audience uniquely.”

Hayley Clements,


Mimi is the most dynamic, influential and impactful woman I have met. She has audiences captured from the moment she steps on stage and they hang on her every word.

Nevindee Amarasinghe, Sri Lanka

Mimi Nicklin is what the world needs right now.

Elana Afrika, South Africa

Mimi is the soul of our annual Conference. She is by far one of the best chairs I have ever seen. I would greatly advise you to get in touch with her at the earliest.

Pawan Kulkarni, Dubai

Mimi’s vision is larger than life. Whether her sights are set on organizational wellness, improved team communication or a more empathetic world, she leads with hope and the aspiration of betterment that others can’t help but follow.

Hanna Vankuiken, USA
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Keynote topics with Mimi Nicklin