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Keynotes on biohacking and technology that gets under your skin

Dr. Patrick Kramer

travels from Germany

Biohacker, founder and innovator sharing insights into the next generation of digitalization and cyborg technology

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The keynote speaker Patrick Kramer has over 20 years of experience working in leading IT- & consulting companies including IBM. Dr. Kramer is an expert on digital transformations and the internet of things. His passion is biohacking - which is why in 2014, Dr. Kramer founded the largest biohacking platform in Europe “Digiwell - Upgrading Humans”.

Our Speaker Patrick Kramer believes technology will increasingly be worn under the skin. He wears implants himself, and is an innovator in the field, conducting experiments and developing the next generation of cyborg technology.

Dr. Patrick Kramer’s company Digiwell upgrades and transforms both humans and organizations to inspire and enable them to live life to the fullest.

On top of his work with Digiwell, the keynote speaker Patrick Kramer is a founding member of VivokeyTechnologies. Here he helps provide a secure identity platform which can be worn under your skin. Through these implants, it’s possible to replace access cards, payment cards, and secure your digital identity with just a wave of your hand!

Dr. Patrick Kramer has been recognized by globally renowned publications for his work and insights into the future of under-your-skin technology. These include Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, RedBull Media and PCWorld.

For years, our talented speaker Patrick Kramer has been inspiring individuals and organizations with his exciting insights into the next generation of cyborg technology. Dr. Patrick Kramer has presented his innovative keynotes at amazing events around the world. Including TEDx, CeBIT Global Conferences and Wired Future Fest.

See keynotes with Dr. Patrick Kramer

    Keynote by Speaker Patrick Kramer

    What could be better than a smart implant?

    • Smart Implants under the skin – in the near future our brains and bodies will be connected directly via the internet. The basics for it are already here!


    Keynote by Speaker Patrick Kramer

    How digital do we want to be?


    • How do you go from caveman to cyborg in the 21st century? And in just 45 minutes? Well, you go in Media Res and do not play around. The audience’s eyes wide open and mouths gaping indicated that both tempo and vision of the key note stretched the boundaries of imagination.
    • In a wrap-around, Dr. Kramer impressively pointed out, why we still work like cavemen and can not cope with digitization. Technological development is not linear as evolution, but exponential, faster and faster and faster. 


    Keynote by Speaker Patrick Kramer

    Test your limits… How far can/should digitalization go?


    • More and more people voluntarily biohack themselves. An estimated 50,000 people worldwide car smart implants and give their bodies new abilities. But what is behind it? Are implantables coming after wearables? Polarizing topics in our society. How will our world of change if we increase our brain performance by a factor of 1000 and cell phones and laptops become obsolete?
    • As a bodyhacker Patrick does not only wear implants in his body, but also experiments with the next generation. In his keynote, Patrick gives a deep insight into the world of microchip implants and the topic of “bodyhacking”. It shows what a future looks like when we can connect our brains directly to the Internet via implants. He also deals with the burning question of how digital we actually want to be. Is more always better?
    • However, talking about human transformation is one thing… to actually do it, a totally different story! Patrick will not only talk, but shows live on stage how to insert microchip implants. Technology becomes tangible and definitely provocatively. An excellent opportunity to excite your visitors.
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