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From Blue-Collar Roots to Industry Giant

Kevin Brown

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Elevate your organization's excellence with Kevin Brown, a branding and culture expert with 30+ years of franchise development experience.

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Discover how unconventional thinking and a never-quit attitude propelled Kevin Brown from blue-collar roots to the executive boardroom. As a 30+ year branding and culture expert, he transformed a family business into a $2 billion industry leader. Kevin's mission, The HERO Effect®, has captivated industry giants like American Express, Delta Airlines, and ExxonMobil. His passion for helping you expand your vision, develop your potential, and achieve extraordinary results is unmatched.

Reasons to book Kevin Brown

  • Kevin’s HERO Effect® philosophy is a game-changer that separates world-class organizations and high-performance individuals from the rest. Your team will discover actionable strategies to achieve greatness in any field.
  • As the bestselling author of ‘The Hero Effect®‘ and ‘Unleashing Your Hero,’ Kevin shares the secrets of everyday heroes who serve at a high level. Book him to unlock the potential within your team.
  • Kevin has been named one of the ‘Top 10 Keynote Speakers of 2021,’ ‘Top 41 Motivational Speakers Who Can Energize Any Sales Team,’ and ‘Best Keynote Speaker of 2019.’ His credentials speak for themselves.

Kevin Brown’s extraordinary journey from blue-collar roots to the pinnacle of the business world resonates with your experiences. He is known for imparting invaluable wisdom, rooted in real-life trials, and unveiling the immense potential within us all.

When you book Kevin Brown for your event, you’re not just securing a speaker; you’re investing in transformative experiences. His motivational prowess transcends conventional thinking, instilling the belief that triumph is attainable for individuals and organizations alike.

Kevin Brown’s story is one of audacity and accomplishment. He knows firsthand how great brands think, feel, and act, having spent over 30 years in franchise development, culminating in steering a family business to become the #1 franchise in their industry with annual revenues surpassing $2 billion. His expertise is a goldmine of strategies for growth, achievement, and industry leadership.

Kevin’s celebrated message, ‘The HERO Effect®,’ isn’t just a theory; it’s a blueprint for success. It’s the philosophy that distinguishes world-class organizations and high-performing individuals from the rest, empowering you to shape your own narrative of excellence.

When you book Kevin Brown, you’re securing a transformative journey that has captivated industry giants like American Express, Delta Airlines, ExxonMobil, and many more. His reputation as one of the ‘Top 10 Keynote Speakers of 2021’ and a ‘Top Customer Service Speaker’ by prestigious organizations underscores his profound impact.

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, Kevin’s insights are the compass that guides your organization toward exceptional growth, extraordinary results, and an unwavering commitment to customer excellence. The choice is clear: Book Kevin Brown for your event, and embark on a journey of empowerment, innovation, and unparalleled success.

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Keynote by speaker Kevin Brown

The Hero Effect®

Being Your Best When It Matters The Most!

In a fresh and entertaining style, Kevin shares ideas, strategies and principles that will inspire and equip participants to show up every day and make a positive difference. At the heart of Kevin’s message is a simple, yet powerful philosophy for life that drives every thought, every action and ultimately every result we achieve both personally and professionally. Your team will be motivated to reach beyond what is required and do something remarkable!

This program is designed to help participants:

  • Achieve greater results by eliminating “ordinary” thinking and mastering the habit of excellence.
  • Own the moments that matter (and they all matter) by taking responsibility for their attitude, their actions and their results.
  • Create meaningful relationships and deliver an extraordinary experience for every “customer” at work and at home.
Keynote by speaker Kevin Brown

The Hero Effect® - Leadership Version

Creating a Culture of Heroes at Every Level!

In this presentation, Kevin takes his most requested program and focuses The HERO Effect® principles on leadership. Kevin has a simple philosophy when it comes to leadership. He believes that you are “a leader of one or a leader of none.” He believes that leadership begins with mastering self along with the daily habits required to become world class leaders, mentors and coaches to the teams we live and do business with. The foundation of this program can be summed up in one powerful idea…we reproduce what we are!

The role of leadership in an organization is to create an environment where people can be the best version of themselves. That is what serves a brand well and stands out in a crowded marketplace.

This program is designed to help participants:

  • Create an environment where people are inspired to be the best version of themselves and deliver world class performance to the people they serve.
  • Develop a team of people that are committed, focused and on fire for the brand they are helping to build.
  • Design and deliver an organizational obsession statement that drives high performance and a world class customer experience.
Keynote by speaker Kevin Brown

The HERO Effect® Virtual Experience with Kevin Brown

  • Virtual Keynote (“E-Note”) Options:

A. LIVE-HYBRID KEYNOTE: This type of event has proven very effective for some of our clients and partners. This allows for a small (socially distanced) crowd to be live onsite for the event while it is live-streamed to remote attendees. This offers a unique environment to re-create the energy, excitement, and impact experienced by a live show.

B. PRE-RECORDED CUSTOMIZED & BRANDED KEYNOTE: This has become a client favorite. This option allows us to go into the studio and create a fully customized and branded experience for the client while reducing the anxiety of potential technology fails with a live virtual keynote.

C. LIVE VIRTUAL KEYNOTE: A number of our clients like the live virtual option. This puts us on “on-air” directly from the studio live in real-time for your event. Our studio and events team are well versed in all major platforms used for live virtual events.

  • Leadership Mini-Series:

This option is for our clients who wish to work with us for several weeks in a virtual learning environment. Kevin will collaborate with you to create custom content that is delivered to the leadership team and key contributors of an organization in a series of three one-hour webinars (30 to 45-minute presentation plus Q & A).

  • Leadership Summit:

This event was born out of repeated client requests for a deeper dive into The HERO Effect content and application. This high-level event is designed for leadership teams as a half-day virtual or live learning experience with Kevin Brown. The summit is a full three hours of content that is customized to the group based on collaboration with senior leadership.

  • One-on-One Coaching & Consulting:

Kevin Brown is currently accepting a limited number of coaching and consulting clients. Kevin’s expertise focuses on Culture, Branding, Storytelling/Communication, and Selling.

Watch speaker Kevin Brown in action!

Motivational Speaker Kevin Brown - The Hero Effect - Demo Reel

Watch speaker Kevin Brown in action!

Motivational Speaker Kevin Brown - The Hero Effect® - Virtual Keynote Experience

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YOU WERE AWESOME! I knew you would be. We received comments all the way to the day we left about how you were the FAVORITE speaker at our event. You have a gift for this. You are a great story teller and connect with people on such an emotional level. And your humor is great on top of it all. I could not have been more pleased and am blessed to have met you. Thanks for making our event special.

Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

Amazing performance!!! I’ve never seen people standing and applauding eagerly at the end of a keynote performance; Kevin made the closing of our event successful. Kevin’s passion and gift of speech makes his “Hero Effect” keynote a one of a kind: Entertaining, energizing and powerful message.

Jorge E. Salazar

Employee Safety Advisor, ExxonMobil Pipeline

Whatever it is that makes someone a great speaker - Kevin Brown has it!

Joe Calloway

Author and Speaker of Becoming a Category of One

You were the message. The ripple effect of your talk has been extraordinary.

Philip Styrlund,

CEO Forum
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