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Tech Visionary: Bridging Innovation and Entertainment

Orlando Jones

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Elevate your event with Orlando Jones, award-winning actor and VR Emmy pioneer, offering profound insights into tech innovation and customer engagement.

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Book Orlando Jones, award-winning actor and tech innovator, for a transformative event! Elevate engagement with his insights, blending creativity and cutting-edge technology. Secure your immersive journey now!

Why you should book Orlando Jones for your next event

  • Ignite Innovation: Orlando Jones crafts tech-infused keynotes, unlocking creative strategies for a future-focused organization.
  • Brand Transformation: Elevate your image with Orlando Jones, leveraging his success in rebranding campaigns and app transformations.
  • Digital Thought Leader: Collaborate with Orlando Jones for insights into generative AI, Web 3, and emerging technologies.

Orlando Jones stands as an accomplished actor, comedian, and tech innovator, with a rich background that intertwines the realms of entertainment and technology. Renowned for his dynamic career, Orlando has not only made his mark on screens but has also ventured into groundbreaking territories in the tech industry. As the founder of Legion of Creatives, Orlando is at the forefront of technological advancements, earning him the distinction of receiving the first-ever Virtual Reality Emmy in 2015.

His collaborations with digital thought leader Shelly Palmer showcase his deep dive into generative AI, Web 3, and emerging technologies. Orlando’s influence extends beyond the digital landscape, as a board member of Harold Hughes’ blockchain company, Bandwagon, where he contributes his expertise in experience technology.

Orlando Jones is not just a seasoned speaker; he is a storyteller who captivates audiences with his versatile talent and keen insights. Having graced prestigious events like the Congressional Black Caucus, Summit Mountain Series, and academic institutions including USC’s Annenberg School, MIT, UCLA, and the University of Minnesota, Orlando is recognized for his ability to seamlessly blend entertainment, technology, and social impact.

As a keynote speaker, Orlando Jones offers organizations a unique blend of entertainment prowess and technological expertise. His keynotes transcend traditional boundaries, providing audiences with transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact. Whether delving into the realms of virtual reality, generative AI, or fan engagement, Orlando’s talks are a masterclass in bridging the gap between innovation and entertainment.

For those seeking a keynote speaker, booking Orlando Jones guarantees an immersive journey into the future of technology and storytelling. His accolades, including the rebranding of the Cosmunity app into Fan Guru and his instrumental role in Apple TV Plus’s “Swagger” and Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods,” underscore his influence in shaping narratives that resonate with modern audiences. Book Orlando Jones for an event that goes beyond the ordinary, where entertainment meets cutting-edge insights, leaving a lasting impression on your organization.

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FANDOM: Nurturing a Client Base for Life

  • Turning employees into customers and fans
  • New ways to connect/ engage with your audience
  • Use of emerging technologies in this space (InTheKnow)
  • Role of Fandom in Corporate Social Responsibility
Keynote by speaker Orlando Jones

NEXT LEVEL NETWORKING: Harnessing the Power of Relationships

  • Investing in Relationships: promoting internal and external
  • collaboration/ alliances for mutual success
  • New ways of doing business to navigate challenges/ uncertainty
  • How emerging technologies can keep people connected
  • Partnering with AI in the workplace (ex. ChaptGPT)
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