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Bobby Dsouza

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As a popular speaker in India, Bobby Dsouza brings his electrifying brand of inspiration to listeners. Featuring topics about influential leadership and the success mindset, he calls audiences to action.

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Bobby Dsouza comes from an expansive business background. With more than 20 years' experience in corporate, business, and service industries, the motivational speaker and author of the riveting book, Fallen to Rise, captures the attention of audiences, which seek a fresh perspective on changing individual circumstances. With his powerful presentations on influential leadership and maintaining a successful mindset, the inspirational presenter integrates percussion to entertain and engage listeners in various locations. Working with major brands, Bobby influences leadership teams, corporate executives, and students during workshops and master classes.

Why you should book Bobby Dsouza

  • Audiences relate to Dsouza profound rags to riches story. By sharing his poignant tale of overcoming, the speaker inspires others to do the same.
  • With an entertaining, music-filled presentation, he offers practical strategies for unleashing an individual’s fullest potential again all odds.
  • Bobby’s book, Fall to Rise, offers a honest portrayal of Bobby’s journey, including a meteoric rise in popularity. The popular book is currently in print, offering audiences a more in-depth view at the tools the speaker uses to overcome life challenges.

As the popular author of the inspirational memoir, Fallen to Rise, Bobby Dsouza helps readers and listeners to approach life differently. Encouraging his audiences to proactively choose a success mindset, Bobby brings a fresh perspective and life altering tools in his presentations. Offering audiences relatable anecdotes and engaging experiences, his fun, entertaining keynotes uplift listeners to understand the power of possibility thinking. Based in his own experiences of overcoming poverty and rejection in business, Bobby details how to climb higher regardless of the discipline of endeavor.

Rising from acute poverty to a life in the corporate world, Bobby transformed his experience in sales by evolving his thinking process. Encouraging others to do the same, he influences thousands through trainings, workshops, and online digital content. Working as a corporate learning and development leader, he realized that his transformational work could impact global audiences. As a result, Bobby began speaker to organizations throughout Mumbai about the power to live an extraordinary life through self-transformation.

For 20 years, the motivational speaker has impacted millions of people via social media and motivational presentations. Delivering inspirational content via video, podcast, and in-person keynote addresses, Bobby leverages innate strength to motivate audiences to achieve new heights.

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Fallen To Rise

In this keynote Bobby speaks about ‘how to Rise after every fall’, where he helps you to discover the real you after setbacks & delays, to investigate failure & learn from it and to shape your character to get on higher grounds.

Audience takeaways:

  • Building resilience & inner stamina.
  • Achieving fresh perspective to start again, wiser this time.
  • Eradicating fear of the unknown, removing fear of the fall.
  • Learning how not to care a damn about others opinion when you are rising up to newer things.

What’s your Limit?

This keynote hovers around challenging your limits & making a paradigm shift to:

  • Exponential mindsets to make higher progress in earnings, revenue and career.
  • Key focus area is to challenge limiting belief that stops you from your truest best!
  • Identifying your ‘what if ‘empowering questions that can make you ‘break your limits’.

Influential Leadership

  • The keynote focuses on helping leaders use the power of influence to convince, ideate, negotiate, serve & create a higher impact without a possible designation.
  • Leaders understand from various true stories, examples of organizational leaders , world leader who have been influential by building connections & relationships to get things done.

The Everest Mindset Leader

The keynote focuses on helping leaders build an Everest mindset applying all the traits that an Everest conqueror has to embrace to get their team safely to the peak & back. It also reminds leaders of the perils & risk associated with your aim to reach your Everest & how preparation is a key.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn about the power of ‘mountain way ‘ which is selfless when you are climbing the Everest.
  • Collaborating as a leader.
  • How to apply the Everest mindset to an everyday life.

Disruptive Innovation mindset

This keynote focuses on helping leaders & thier team realize the impact of disruptive innovation on technology, market & the VUCA world! Disruptive innovation brings in lessons & anecdotes from the new world of champions who have leveraged disruption & embraced it to create success in organizations & business. This keynote will help remind people to adapt, be proactive, reinvent themselves, accept disruption or get disrupted, which is a key area of this discussion.

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See keynotes with Bobby Dsouza
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