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Sally Bee

Health & Wellness Coach, Author & TV Chef
Country: UK

International keynote speaker Sally Bee  is a passionate advocate of all things heart health related. Sally passionately believes that the way we approach life, the way we think, feel and treat ourselves, has a huge impact on our future health. Her experiences in this area ranges from working as an expert patient, a healthy cook for ITV and a best selling author of six healthy cookbooks. On top of all this, Sally is a survivor – she has encountered five un-survivable heart attacks in the past 14 years.

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“As a human being and inspiration to us all—she is extraordinary” – The Daily Mail

To spend an hour in a room with Sally Bee is awe inspiring, life changing and quite possibly life saving.

After Sally Bee had her first few heart attacks, 14 years ago, her husband was advised to say his goodbyes and the doctors told him not to expect his wife to survive the night. As she fought for every second of her life, and the hours turned to days, Sally dared to ask the doctors if they thought she could live as long as ten years. “Sally, if you can survive for ten years after this, you can live forever”. Here we are over 10 years later and of course, some powerful drugs help Sally’s heart to keep beating, but Sally believes that the reason she survived the unsurvivable is that she eats so healthily and has such a positive approach to her life. Now Sally works hard to help others stay healthy and overcome heart problems like she did!

Sally Bee is an Ambassador for Heart Research UK and is currently making a TV documentary called ‘Urgent Delivery – Heart in a Box’ with the aim of raising awareness to the way we approach organ donation in the UK. Her latest book, ‘Beelicious Recipes’ and ‘Wellness Journal’ is helping to raise funds for the QE Hospital Heart in a Box Appeal. She has also had the position of resident healthy cook on ITV’s Lorraine show for 4 years. What’s more, Sally writes a regular column for Mail on Sunday and is a feature writer for ‘Woman and Home’ magazine, interviewing well-known faces about their health, wellbeing and positivity.

    Speaker Sally Bee Keynote Topics

    • Healthy Food and Lifestyle
    • Heart Health
    • Resilience – Survive the un-survivable
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