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Paul Matthews

Expert on Performance, Capability and Informal Learning
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Paul Matthews is Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in performance, capability and informal learning. With experience in a range of industries from travel to engineering, holding senior positions in sales, service and operations. Paul is the perfect addition to an event to help your organization to unlock the power of informal learning and learning in the workplace.

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Paul Matthews expertise in workplace learning takes him to conferences and corporate events all across the world. Paul covers a wide variety of learning based topics, but in particular informal learning, learning transfer, performance consultancy and how Learning and Development can help businesses achieve their targets.

From his experience and knowledge, Paul has authored ‘Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times’ and ‘Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance in Tough Times’ and works directly with organisations such Santander, GSK and Google as well as many public sector organisations in the UK.

As a speaker, Paul’s key skill is in making ideas come alive with stories, ensuring audiences not only understand, but also have practical tools to implement and action change. Paul is an expert in reducing complex theory down into simple understandable concepts that anyone can use to enact immediate change and achieve better results for their business or organisation.

Originally from New Zealand, his practical approach typifies the Kiwi can-do attitude and focus on workable solutions. Paul’s last corporate role was as a Director for a NASDAQ quoted IT Company. He set up his own consultancy firm People Alchemy Ltd in 1999 in the UK, providing leadership and management consultancy services, which has developed into also improving workplace capability and performance with the use of online tools.

    Speaker Paul Matthews Keynote Topics

    • Learning Transfer
    • Embedding learning into the Workflow
    • Performance Consultancy
    • The Brand of Learning and Development
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