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Learn to think in 3D

Andy Hanselman

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Expert on customer service and business success with extensive expert knowledge on how winning businesses get ahead

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Andy Hanselman is a recognized expert in helping businesses deliver outstanding customer experiences by ‘Thinking in 3D’! That means being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’ from their competitors. He provides audiences with insights and ‘real-life’ examples of how these 3D Businesses ‘stand out from the crowd’, make their customers feel valued and create amazing levels of recommendations and repeat business. He provides his audiences with stimulation, inspiration, and practical ideas to help them do that too - things that attract, win and retain their customers and create real competitive advantage.

Reasons to book Andy Hanselman

  • He shares ‘real’ examples that resonate with the audience and tells stories that they can all learn from – no academic theories or ‘magical answers’, but proven processes your people can apply to your business.
  • Andy will motivate and fire your people up, but importantly, he will motivate them to ‘do’ things and equip them with the tools and techniques to make a difference – a ‘Dramatic Difference’ even!
  • He has an outstanding track record of helping organizations achieve remarkable growth.

Andy speaks about customer experience, culture and competitiveness at conferences and events worldwide, both face to face and virtually, and provides real insights into these 3D Businesses, their leaders and their people do and how they do it. He has built a strong reputation for his ‘down to earth’ approach offering no-nonsense ‘stuff’ that people can actually use back in the business immediately to improve their competitiveness in the areas that count.

Whether it’s providing your front-line staff with proven tools and techniques to deliver outstanding customer experiences, giving ideas to your managers on engaging, empowering and enabling them to do that, or sharing insights with your leaders on how to inspire people and shape the culture that makes it happen.

He has over 30 years researching, working with, and learning from these successful, disruptive and forward-thinking 3D Businesses and is a recognised expert on business competitiveness. He is an author and is passionate about sharing his ideas with audiences all over the world. He continues to research and identify successful ‘3D Thinkers’, ensuring that his material is fresh and relevant for today’s fast-moving world.

Andy brings the lessons he has learnt in an engaging and inspiring way. He thrives on challenging and stimulating people and works with a huge cross section of businesses and sectors. Clients value the fact that Andy tailors his presentation specifically to his audience. He will spend time talking to, and crucially, listening to you to identify the key issues you face, and then develop and deliver something that addresses those issues. So, whether it’s your senior leaders, your managers, your front-line staff or a combination of them all, you can be sure that Andy will deliver something that ‘hits the spot’!

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Andy speaks on various of topics such as:

  • 3D Leadership.
  • Think in 3D.
  • Creating Oustanding Customer Experiences.
  • Maximise Your Customer Relationships.
  • Create An UBER Culture.
  • Disrupt And ‘Challenge The Status Quo’.

Andy can deliver keynote presentations, run interactive seminars (or webinars) or deliver full day long participative workshops, and which ever it is, we can assure you Andy will make a difference to your event – a ‘Dramatic Difference’ that is!

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Andy Hanselman - Showreel 2023

See keynotes with Andy Hanselman
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Keynote topics with Andy Hanselman