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Lara Morgan

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Powerful entrepreneur, founder of Pacific Direct and business advisor giving truly inspiring and provocative keynotes

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Our keynote speaker Lara Morgan was voted in the top 10 of the most powerful businesswomen in the UK by MSN Live. She is known as the founder of Pacific Direct - the world’s leading manufacturer of branded toiletries for hotels and cruises. Lara Morgan has taken chances, overcome challenges and worked hard to get to where she is today, and her keynotes are truly inspiring, provocative and educational.

Speaker Lara Morgan founded the world-renowned business Pacific Direct when she was just 23 years old. In an 8 year period, her business went to a £3.3 million profit and in 2008, she decided to sell Pacific Direct and focus on other startups and helping other entrepreneurs accelerate growth and reach their goals. Lara now invests in British startups and has a genuine interest for businesses that do good and improve the lives of others.

As a speaker Lara Morgan is provocative, entertaining and never boring as she shares her mistakes, successes and knowledge. Her dynamic speaking style captures everyone in the audience and ensures they walk home inspired, motivated and ready to overcome any challenges. Lara has a strong interest for sales as it’s the number one thing that leads to business growth, and she runs events in sales learning. Lara Morgan is also a passionate volunteer and philanthropist and is an active board member or advisor on various global non-profits. Lara Morgan speaks on a variety of topics and below are some of her most popular keynote topics.

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    Speaker Lara Morgan Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Lara Morgan

    Business Survival

    • In this keynote Lara will explain how perseverance, hard work and evolution are essential to the survival of any business.
    • She offers her own insights and applicable advice into the reality of dealing with difficult decisions and taking decisive action during tough times without diminishing your potential.

    Keynote by Speaker Lara Morgan


    • In this engaging keynote, Lara Morgan explains how to maximise your businesses potential through the foundations of your leadership style and how it can impact directly on the performance of your team and your business.
    • Learn how to be the best leader for your team and motivate everyone around you.
    • Lara will show how to lead by example through practical tips and personal stories.



    Keynote by Speaker Lara Morgan


    • Lara Morgan provides the fundamental knowledge needed to start a new organization.
    • This keynote covers topics such as fundraising, positioning, branding, recruiting, rainmaking, and business planning.
    • This keynote is perfect for anyone venturing out into something new and different and who need a helping hand.



    Keynote by Speaker Lara Morgan

    Relentless Sales and Marketing

    • Sales is the heart of growth.  
    • Sales and marketing are necessities to the success of a business, you cannot do without either process and they must evolve. By strategically combining both efforts you can experience successful business growth.
    • In this keynote, Lara Morgan covers the skills required from creating sales and maximizing opportunities to reporting and sales retention.



    Keynote by Speaker Lara Morgan

    The Competitive Games of International Business

    • As an experienced businesswomen Lara Morgan shares her best advice on how to achieve success with an international business.
    • The world is a small place but international sales can be a big challenge for any business.
    • Lara underlines the key principles behind successful international trading, including planning, logistics, investment, networking and market penetration.


Lara Morgan joined Elite Business Live 2023 ‘On Tour’ at the Evening Standard SME Xpo recently. We were overwhelmed with Lara’s contribution to what was already a star-studded line-up. Her no-nonsense views and contribution on finance and growth around innovating your business model was exceptional, the audience were completely engaged, and the takeaway value was massive. We’ve welcomed Lara many times to our exclusive panels for EBL, and everytime her delivery is second to none in educating, inspiring and motivating the minds of some of the most up and coming fast track start-up’s in the UK today.

Elite Business Live

Scott English

Interview with Lara Morgan

What are 3 habits for success?

  • The early bird catches the worm
  • Hire people better and more skilled in areas you are not passionate about
  • Persistence pays dividends if you always know how to make profit doing the things you love

What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

Making 100M pounds whilst impacting positively the lives of millions!

What leadership qualities do you most admire and why?

Humility and hard SMART work!

Who or what inspires you most?

David Attenborough – living a full life doing what he has loved.

How did you begin your speaking career?

I do not feel I have a career, I feel that I owe others to share my lessons learned, the mistakes I have made, the shortcuts and critical lessons that others took time to teach me and to pay back the world of enterprise support which was so very generous with time and effort given my complete lack of education

When did you realize you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

When I needed to pay the bills, have money to buy food and there were no other jobs. I then started running my own company and then in the early 90’s being an entrepreneur was almost a sinners way to make money. I like breaking the rules and admired the Branson cultural approach, then I thought I can do that and enjoy it.

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Keynote topics with Lara Morgan