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International Journalist, Conference Moderator, TV Presenter, and Speaker

Ali Aslan

travels from Germany

Aslan, a former government media and policy advisor, is also a public speaker on European, Trans-Atlantic, and German affairs.

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Ali Aslan is a master of many trades. As an internationally renowned and award-winning TV Presenter, Talk Show Host, Conference Moderator, Master of Ceremonies and Journalist, Ali Aslan has worked worldwide. From Berlin and Barcelona to Istanbul, New York, and Washington DC, he is a familiar face in big cities of the world. Those who have benefitted from his talent include global news networks such as Channel News Asia, Deutsche Welle TV, ABC News, and of course, CNN, the greatest of them all. You probably know Quadriga, which is watched by over 100 million people in hundreds of countries. Ali was once the host of this international affairs talk show.    

Why you should book Ali Aslan for your next event

  • Ali Aslan is a super competent speaker, moderator, and interviewer on a host of topics, including Trans-Atlantic relations, Middle East current affairs, European current events, and international affairs.
  • With a master’s in journalism and international relations, Aslan is a well-educated figure with superb extensive knowledge of everything he does. You certainly want a speaker who has mastered his art.
  • Did you know that Aslan speaks 2 languages fluently? Depending on the audience, he can present in German or English. No matter the language he uses, the quality of his keynote won’t be compromised.

Aslan is also one of the world’s most sought-after Moderators and Masters of Ceremonies of high-level international conferences & summits, including for the UN, the G20, the EU, the World Bank, the IMF and the OECD.

As a presenter known and respected globally, Ali has regularly moderated major conferences in various countries. In doing so, he has been privileged to share the international stage with big names, including Bill Clinton, Christine Lagarde, John McCain, Emmanuel Macron, and Madeleine Albright. Others include Sergey Lavrov, Justin Trudeau, and Angela Merkel, a former German Chancellor who served between 2005 and 2021. Unless you have a huge profile, you have zero chance of regulating conferences where such big names are involved. So, yes, you could safely claim that Aslan is a prominent figure when it comes to his trade.

You need to know that Aslan was once a policy and media advisor to Angela Merkel’s administration, which is further proof of his prominent profile. When it comes to public speaking, people seek him like no other. He speaks on quite a number of issues, including media and politics in Germany and Europe as a whole. His perspective spans the US, Europe, the Middle East, journalism, and policy-making. He articulately analyzes international affairs like a real expert, whether he is moderating, interviewing, or giving keynotes.

Thanks to his achievements, Aslan was named a Young Leader by various organizations, including the Munich Security, the Bertelsmann Foundation, the BMW Foundation, and the American Council on Germany.

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  • Journalism
  • Media & policy advisor
  • German affairs
  • International affairs
  • Trans-Atlantic relations
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WPC 2021 - Intro Ali Aslan - Plenary session 15: Afghanistan

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