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Ade McCormack

Digital Strategy & Digital Economy
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Ade McCormack is a technologist turned writer, advisor, and presenter. Furthermore he is an authority on the digital age, particularly in respect of how how the world is changing as we leave the industrial era, and how organisations and individuals need to respond in order to remain economically-relevant.

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  • For transforming your organisation for success in the digital age
  • Ade is an experienced public speaker, chairman and moderator and he has spoken in over 30 countries
  • If your event has a transformational, futurist, leadership, technology or people theme, then Ade McCormack is sure to amplify the value which your delegates receive

Ade McCormack is focused on helping organisations and their people thrive in the digital age. His keynote speeches will take your audience on a mind-moving and engaging journey that starts with the dawn of humanity and quickly progresses to exploring the future of work and business. He explores digital age leadership and the evolving nature of talent management, culture and the workplace.

He looks beyond agile organisations, suggesting we should make Nature our ‘business partner’ and harness the capabilities we have acquired over many millennia. Courage, creativity and curiosity are but a subset of our natural tendencies that will drive value in the digital economy. Creative disruption will be your friend, if innovation lies at the heart of your organisation.

From listening to Ade, you will learn that digital age organisations harness AI to augment rather than eliminate the workforce.  Ade provides a way forward for both individuals and organisations that draws from the disciplines of sports performance, biology, anthropology and technology.

Speaker Ade McCormack advises on the digital economy. He is a former technologist who now advises organisations on how to capitalise on the changes currently taking place. His focus embraces the world of work and leadership. His perspectives are ‘from bits to boardroom’.

He has written for several publications, such as the Financial Times where he advises business leaders on the digital economy and for CIO magazine advising IT leaders on how to become digital leaders. Ade has written a number of books on the subject of technology, talent and leadership, including ‘The e-Skills Manifesto – A Call to Arms’ for the European Commission.

He works with organisations in respect of digital transformation and thought leadership. A sample of his clients in this respect include: Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, EY, Workday, Accenture, Gartner, IDG, European Commission, and Oracle.


    Keynotes by Speaker Ade McCormack

    • Digital/Business Transformation
    • The Future of Work
    • The changing nature of;  Business models, Talent management, Leadership, Risk and Culture.
    • The impact of technological themes, such as: AI / Robotics, Cyber security, IoT, The Cloud, Blockchain and Biotech.
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