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Traci Brown

Body Language expert, lie detector, athlete
Country: USA

Our keynote speaker Traci Brown is an expert in revealing lies through body language. She has often helped reveal fraud and manipulation in billion dollar business deals and politics, and her keynotes will be sure to help you discover the truths and lies in your life.

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Traci used to be an athlete, and she had a successful cycling career, when she discovered a passion and interest for the power of the mind. She found that her mind reflected her results and wanted to learn more about controlling it and using it to her benefit. Traci grew an interest for neurolinguistics, hypnosis and Hawaiian huna, and she decided to study these disciplines after her retirement from cycling.

She was first introduced to the power of body language, persuasion and creating unconscious connections with others during her training in neurolinguistics. Traci used these skills with clients who needed her help to uncover personal or work-related problems. One day a client requested a program in which lawyers could learn how to pick a jury and persuade them to their benefit. Traci hesitated a yes, but the program ended up becoming a huge success as clients found themselves being able to use the many skills within body language and persuasion immediately after the program.

Today, Traci travels the world to teach organizations or sales teams how to detect lies in their professional lives. With Traci’s background, education and skills, she will be sure to teach your audience something useful in an exciting and interactive way. Whether it is business fraud, today’s headlines or maybe getting out of that speeding ticket, Traci Brown will help you win at life.

    Speaker Traci Brown Keynote Topics

    • Risk Management
    • Body Language
    • Negotiation
    • Persuasion
    • Communication
    • Fraud
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