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Humorous storytelling from a former cancer patient


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Comedian, author, and cancer survivor now talking about his life with and after cancer based on his two popular books

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Our keynote speaker Geo (born Christian Geo Heltboe) is a famous Danish comedian. In 2011, he was diagnosed with cancer and his career and life changed. Since he was declared cancer-free in 2012, he has spoken about the topic of cancer and how to deal with it and overcome challenges in life. As an experienced comedian he knows how to put a funny twist on his story without losing the seriousness of cancer. 

Before Geo was diagnosed with cancer, he was known for his energetic style, surreal take on life and long messy hair. He worked with some of the biggest comedians in Denmark and was on television, radio and films. When he was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed. He lost his hair and found himself in a body and set of mind, he didn’t recognize. Today, he is cancer free and spends a lot of his time speaking about his time as a cancer patient; how people changed around him and how he tried to laugh through it all. 

Speaker Geo is also the author of two Danish books, which both tackle life with and after cancer: Not A Joke and What Now. His keynotes are based on these books and he has given hundreds of keynotes with regards to cancer. In 2013, he gave a TEDx Talk in Copenhagen titled “The only wrong you can do is not doing anything” in which he described how his loved ones had reacted during his time as a cancer patient. 

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    Keynote by Speaker Geo 

    Not A Joke

    • The keynote is based on the Danish book “Not A Joke”.
    • In this keynote, speaker Geo talks about being a cancer patient in a humorous and brutally honest way while touching upon life as a father, husband and comedian with cancer.
    • This keynote is heartbreaking, inspiring, funny and thought-provoking all at the same time.
    • At his 6-month check-up, doctors discovered the cancer had spread to his lungs, and this was the beginning of 9 weeks full of pain, hair-loss, dark thoughts and laughter. Because laughter was all Geo had left to fight with.
    • In a tragicomic way Geo talks about awkward tests and having peas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    Keynote by Speaker Geo

    What Now?

    • A funny and optimistic keynote where speaker Geo discusses the tragedies of cancer, his divorce and career fails, and how he transformed his experiences into something positive.
    • Geo manages to discuss these subjects and put a funny twist on them without losing the seriousness and the important lessons they come with.
    • Geo has been through a lot in his life and therefore has quite a few stories to tell. He talks about how he has dealt with difficult situations, and how you can do the same. How do you turn your life around against all odds?
Geo - video

The only wrong you can do is not doing anything by Geo at TEDxCopenhagen

Watch speaker Geo in action

See keynotes with Geo
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