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Jamie Anderson

travels from Belgium

Author, creative thinker and management coach advising companies in corporate renewal by boosting creativity

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Keynote speaker Jamie Anderson is an extraordinary management coach, who brings creativity back into managerial thinking. He was named one of the “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review. His passion and enthusiasm make him an inspiration to his audience.

Jamie Anderson is a thought leader in the field of creative management thinking. He is a  jointly Professor of Strategic Management, Innovation and Creativity at Antwerp Management School and the Lorange Institute of Business, Zurich and Visiting Professor at London Business School.

His research focuses on the interconnectedness between creativity, innovation, leadership and strategy. He is successfully advising a range of Fortune 500 companies to corporate renewal. Jamie Anderson has authored several articles for the the world’s leading international journals, including MIT Sloan Management Review. Jamie is an award‐ winning author, and his latest book ‘The Fine Art of Success’ explores business lessons from the creative industries.

Jamie Anderson is a fervent person and puts a lot of energy into his work. After changing his high speed, business, academic life into a more balanced and family focused one, Jamie Anderson has developed the ability to teach others how to focus on the important things in business as well as private life.

As an engaging speaker Jamie Anderson is able to instantly connect with his audience. His likeable style and charming rhetoric make him easy to listen to.

See keynotes with Jamie Anderson

    Keynote by Speaker Jamie Anderson

    Digital Gaga

    • In this talk Jamie Anderson discusses the reality and myths of doing business in a digital world. By telling the story of the meteoric success of the entertainment icon Lady Gaga, he shows how networked technologies have brought about profound changes in the way that businesses can function. Lady Gaga has demonstrated a deep understanding of the opportunities of new technologies to connect with customers and partners.


    Keynote by Speaker Jamie Anderson

    How to boost creativity

    • Jamie Anderson discusses the topic of individual creativity; how our creative potential is often suppressed, and how we can reconnect with our true creative potential. To get the most of the talk, please participate in the interactive exercises.


    Keynote by Speaker Jamie Anderson

    Life work: what is success really? – New Ways of Working in the 21st Century

    • Many of us have studied the concepts of strategy, and frequently apply the concepts of strategy development and execution in our professional lives. But how often do we reflect upon the need to develop and implement a personal strategy that will see us achieve not only organizational and career success, but also happiness? And why should employee happiness matter to organizations? In this talk Jamie Anderson discusses the need for all of us to craft our own personal strategy, and to confront narrow definitions of success, linear thinking about career progression, and the personal, societal and cultural barriers than can prevent us from achieving a fulfilling life. He also explains why employee happiness and balance is good for organizations, and the barriers that must be overcome for established firms to engage with new ways of working.
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