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Inspire Equality & Inclusion: Brendan Courtney's Powerful Keynote

Brendan Courtney

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Renowned TV presenter and equality advocate Brendan Courtney inspires organizations to create inclusive cultures and drive positive change.

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Unlock the power of Brendan Courtney, the accomplished keynote speaker and motivational force. With a track record of delivering transformative insights, Brendan Courtney empowers audiences to drive positive change and foster inclusivity. Book Brendan Courtney for your event and tap into his extensive experience, including his role as a renowned TV presenter, bestselling author, and fashion industry pioneer.

Why you should book Brendan Courtney for your next event

  • With his captivating storytelling ability, Brendan inspires audiences to embrace courage, resilience, and tenacity. Unlock the potential of your team by empowering them with the motivation and mindset needed to overcome challenges and achieve greatness.
  • Brendan’s expertise as an equality advocate and champion for inclusion equips organizations with the knowledge and tools to create a culture of respect, acceptance, and diversity. Foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best.
  • Draw on Brendan Courtney’s position on the board of Health Care, appointed by the Minister for Health, to offer valuable perspectives on health-related topics. Address key issues, promote well-being, and inspire healthcare professionals to deliver compassionate and patient-centered care.

Introducing Brendan Courtney, the renowned keynote speaker who has captivated audiences worldwide with his insightful perspectives and inspirational storytelling. As a highly sought-after motivational speaker, Brendan Courtney brings a wealth of expertise and experience to every engagement, making him the ideal choice to elevate your next corporate event or conference.

Known for his exceptional ability to ignite change, Brendan Courtney is a catalyst for transformation within organizations. His deep-rooted passion for creating a more inclusive society resonates with audiences and empowers them to embrace change within their own organizations.

One of Brendan Courtney’s notable achievements lies in his ability to leverage his personal journey as Ireland’s first openly gay TV presenter to advocate for equality across gender, LGBT rights, age, and housing. His experiences have not only fueled legal reform but also positioned him as a trusted voice on pressing social issues. By booking Brendan Courtney, you invite an influential advocate to your event, who will engage your audience, stimulate meaningful conversations, and inspire positive action.

Furthermore, Brendan’s multifaceted background as a successful TV presenter, bestselling author, fashion industry pioneer, and documentary filmmaker contributes to his unique and diverse expertise. Whether discussing personal branding, authentic leadership, or the power of storytelling, Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world examples to the stage. His engaging and charismatic presence as an MC ensures that your event is unforgettable, with seamless transitions and memorable moments that keep attendees fully engaged.

When you book Brendan Courtney for your event, you tap into a proven track record of delivering high-impact, tailored keynotes that resonate with audiences across industries. His powerful message, combined with his ability to connect on a personal level, inspires individuals to embrace their full potential and embrace the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Brendan Courtney’s keynote address is an investment in the growth, development, and success of your organization.

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Keynote by speaker Brendan Courtney

“STICKS & STONES” The New Lexicon of Language’s Landmines

What you can and can’t say anymore! A thought provoking talk that’s fun and insightful. Encouraging dialogue with understanding to empower and better equip the audience to navigate our new world of ‘appropriate’.

  • PAST – “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names can never hurt” Why and how language has changed.
  • PRESENT – Understanding pronouns, gender neutral language and a practical guide to gender expression and transition policy.
  • FUTURE – Employer Brand, stake holder satisfaction.
Keynote by speaker Brendan Courtney

A Guide to Pride

A enlightening and informative talk on – How to do Pride with Pride! How to avoid rainbow washing and make sure your organisation is welcoming all LGBTQ+ stakeholders. Also what can you as an individual do to support and enjoy PRIDE?

  • PAST – History of PRIDE / Rainbow Flag / The Fight for Equality
    Understanding the history and importance of the event.
  • PRESENT – Relevance / Current Battles’
    Still 64 countries criminalize being gay, 11 countries where being gay punishable by death.
  • FUTURE – How to encourage a Healthy Workplace Culture
    How the individual can support your LGBTQ+ colleagues.
    How your Organisation can celebrate Pride appropriately.
Keynote by speaker Brendan Courtney

Allyship & Advocacy

This Insightful talk is a practical guide to allyship & advocacy in the workplace, designed to inspire engagement and ownership within the workforce.

  • PAST – A brief history on the positive impact of allyship. Part of being an ally is realizing that we cannot feel how others feel; however, we can listen, we can support, and we can advocate.
  • PRESENT – A concise and easy to remember ‘How to be an ally Guide’! An ally will engage in activism by standing with an individual or group in a marginalized community.
  • FUTURE – What’s next for Allyship? “Ally is actually a verb because it is an active process of unlearning and learning”.
Keynote by speaker Brendan Courtney

Stuck in a Rut!

Confirmation Bias and Cognitive Dissonance – How to change a mind!

Part 1 – The perils of Confirmation Bias and Cognitive Dissonance explained: Confirmation bias is a type of cognitive bias (or unconscious way of thinking). It predisposes people to accept information that supports their worldview while discounting information that doesn’t. Cognitive Dissonance is the feeling of discomfort people have when asked to believe two ideas that contradict one another.

Part 2 – How does this affect the work place

Part 3 – Getting comfortable with discomfort – How to create Safe Spaces for difficult conversations

Keynote by speaker Brendan Courtney

Squeezing the Creative Juice

Brendan has started his own businesses – 4 times! – 2 failed but 2 succeed! He has learned to adapt and pivot for success in business. From being a prominent figure-head during the Marriage Equality Referendum, to studying fashion at the London College of Fashion in his 30’s and then launching his globally successful fashion label – Lennon Courtney. He is a master of creative thinking and will show your team how to unlock their creative power.

This talk breaks down a super easy to follow format for creative thinking:

  • FIND THE FRUIT – How to start the creative process.
  • SQUEEZ THE JUICE – How to harness relevant ideas.
  • ICE THE IDEAS – Application and follow through.
Watch Brendan Courtney in action

Brendan Courtney on the Boomerang Generation | The Ray D'Arcy Show | RTÉ One

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Brendan was the perfect Keynote for our annual Global Summit, which hosts top undergraduate students and academics from all disciplines and from all around the world. His story and his vision, and the compelling way he shares it, transcends culture and career background, and clearly captivated our diverse audience, with 100% surveyed reporting that his talk inspired them.

Global Undergraduate Awards

Brendan was the ideal fit to host the inaugural National Diversity and Inclusion Awards - the first dedicated event to celebrate progress on Diversity & Inclusion in Ireland. His masterful MCing skills and warm familiarity - honed by his broadcasting career - was joined by his Masters in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with personal and candid contributions to give a unique and unbeatable combination that helped to set the perfect tone for the night - both serious and celebratory. Working with Brendan was very smooth, and we had no hesitation in booking him to host next year's awards. We are looking forward to welcoming him to the team again for another successful and memorable event.” Ciara Corcoran – Events Coordinator, Irish Centre for Diversity

NDI Awards

Brendan was a fantastic guest speaker at one of our inclusion events. His talk was a perfect balance of humour and also really informative takeaways for colleagues. His passion for inclusion really shines through when he speaks.

Lidl Head Quarter London
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