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Advocate for Workplace Equality and Former Lloyd's of London CEO

Dame Inga Beale

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A corporate policy implementation expert, Inga Beale is an influential public speaker. She is booked frequently to speak on numerous topics, including cultural change, tradition, modernization, building diverse businesses, and inclusive workplaces.

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Dame Inga Beale is a British entrepreneur best-known for being the first female CEO of Lloyd's of London, a position she has since stepped down from. Under her belt is over 30 years of experience in the financial world. While working for the company, she saw it through a dramatic period of modernization and change, giving other industry giants a run for their money. She is credited with significantly enhancing the company's access to the international insurance market. It takes an exceptional profile to work at the helm of a company founded over three centuries ago and Beale has one.

Why you should book Dame Inga Beale for your next event

  • Inga draws on her experience working for Lloyd’s of London to share insights into what spearheading cultural change while maintaining your brand’s core values means. Her keynotes are a revelation of how companies should balance modernity and tradition.
  • She is talented in analyzing why corporate organizations and governments experience trust deficiency, a problem that has bedeviled the world for a very long time.
  • Inga also educates leaders and corporate teams on how to create an inclusive environment in the workplace, leaving her audience perfectly in the know of the value of collaboration.

Before she joined Lloyd’s, Beale worked for many other companies in various capacities. For instance, she was the Group CE of Converium, a Swiss reinsurance firm that closed operations in 2007. Other companies she worked for include Canopius and GE Insurance Solutions.

However, it was her stint at Lloyd’s that stands out most. While at the company, she delivered some of the best financial returns in the history of the firm. The company’s presence in the Middle East and Asia is now highly noticeable thanks to her efforts.

Under her eagle eye, Lloyd’s of London developed and implemented numerous diversity initiatives, with the Dive In Festival being one of the most notable ones. The initiative would blossom into an international event that fosters diversity and inclusion in the insurance world.

Looking at her achievements, many people believe that Inga is a true example of a one-of-a-kind female leader, who succeeded where even male figures could fail terribly. When it comes to driving women’s inclusion agenda, perhaps no one does it better than her. And she has also been vocal in supporting the LGBT community, having admitted to being bisexual herself during a job interview.

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Keynote by Dame Inga Beale

Creating an inclusive workplace

Breaking through several glass ceilings and addressing taboo topics, Inga talks from experience about how to build an environment where people from all walks of life feel valued and can thrive at work. Driven by her personal purpose to empower women in business and as a champion for the LGBTQ+ community, she will tell her personal journey and weave in advice and tips for everyone that will have a positive impact on themselves and the lives of others.

Keynote by Dame Inga Beale

Modernising tradition – a journey of cultural and technological change

Lloyd’s of London: a British institution with its roots in marine insurance was founded in 1688. Some of its practices hadn’t changed over hundreds of years but it needed to modernise to keep up in today’s technological world. As the CEO hired to do this massive transformation, Inga tells her story of the cultural and technological changes required to bring this great institution into the modern age, and she shares tips and tricks for driving a successful transformation for any business. 

Watch Dame Inga Beale in action

Dame Inga Beale DBE speaking at the Global Good Awards

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