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Former CEO of Pandora and The Body Shop and Transformational Speaker

Jeremy Schwartz

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A renowned speaker, Jeremy Schwartz helps businesses to improve their brand while putting innovation and sustainability at the center of everything they do.

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If there is one person known for being at the forefront of fast-paced industries, it is Jeremy Schwartz. His prominent stature propelled him to The Body Shop's CEO position, taking the late Dame Roddick's (the company's founder- may her soul rest in peace) legacy to a whole new level. Committed to making the world more eco-friendly and greener, Jeremy spearheaded the famed enrich ''Not Exploit'' campaign aimed at making this dream a reality. As the company's CEO, his goal was to exploit customer engagement for profitable growth without departing from sustainability.

Why you should book Jeremy Schwartz for your next event

  • Jeremy offers personalized workshops, masterclasses, and speeches to every client, with all his presentations giving the audience numerous real actionable insights. When booked, he will use a pre-event scoping meeting to create a highly relevant speech for your event.
  • He is a respected sustainability expert known for fusing commerciality with sustainability. His insightful keynotes shed light on how businesses can be profitable without wreaking havoc on the environment.
  • Jeremy Scwartz leverages interactive question-and-answers, word clouds, and video conferences to embed new perspectives and skills in his audiences.

Besides his remarkable exploits at The Body Shop, it is worth noting that Jeremy’s impressive repertoire also covers L’Oreal, where he worked as the Marketing Director in the 1990s. It was during his time at the company that he resurrected a near-dead “Because I’m Worth It” catchphrase. He left the firm but returned later as the Managing Director in 2010. Under his watch, L’Oreal became the UK’s number-one cosmetic company. As if that wasn’t enough, Jeremy was also a joint CEO for Pandora, among other positions in various high-profile organizations.

When it comes to food retail, Jeremy has also had his fair share working in the industry. He is credited with orchestrating a campaign that rendered fruits and vegetables (unfit for sale in mainstream supermarkets in the UK) profitable while minimizing waste. As Coca-Cola’s Director of Innovation and Marketing, he invented the popular Coke Zero.

Having proved himself as one of the savviest entrepreneurs, it is no surprise that Jeremy launched companies he calls his own. Have you heard of Sparky Foods which sells packed Omega 3? That’s a brainchild of Schwartz.

Jeremy’s diverse career history sets him apart as a highly experienced and knowledgeable keynote speaker in the United Kingdom and beyond. He is a true professional committed to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Keynote by Jeremy Schwartz

Make your purpose count

Are you struggling to create a memorable purpose and see it align, inspire and mobilise your employees? 

Employees, consumers and investors want to engage companies with an inspiring, authentic purpose that guides their actions. Jeremy shares how, from his own CEO experience, to become a sustainable company who makes their purpose count every day to drive spectacular results.

Keynote by Jeremy Schwartz

Profit from Sustainability

Do you want to know how your company can take a leadership role, mobilise employees, engage investors and create new profitable business models that can contribute to saving the planet? 

All too often the sustainability debate focuses solely on cost. Jeremy’s challenges this with a CEO’s P&L vision and shows how to identify opportunities to innovate sustainably and profitably.

Keynote by Jeremy Schwartz

Innovate to inspire consumers

Can your business benefit from a deeper understanding of your consumers and customers? 

The empowered and fickle consumer has made growing market share a tougher battle than ever before. Be inspired from the extensive experience and unique techniques to reach out, listen and act on consumer insights that have led to multibillion euro innovations and growth results.

Keynote by Jeremy Schwartz

Mindset Makes Culture

Do you want to create a company culture that will make you world class, but not sure how?

An open, curious growth mindset underpins great cultures. Experience and learn from Jeremy’s important approach to nurture authentic, modern, world class cultures one-mindset-at-a-time.

Keynote by Jeremy Schwartz

Everyone's a leader now

Do you feel the command-and-control models and hierarchical decision making remains insufficient as a leadership model for our hyper fast-moving and Gen X environment?

Everyone’s a leader now brings fresh ways to mobilise talent across all organisation levels, elevate contributions from a diversity of employees and empower and challenge them to show leadership behaviours too. 

Keynote by Jeremy Schwartz

Slice Through Silos

Can you see how silo working across functions and teams undermines high performance output?

Find out how to rapidly craft structures and embrace new ways of working that slice through silos and liberate teams to collaborate in seamless ways. Learn to compress decision-making timelines and accelerate speed-to-market to beat the competition and grow faster. 

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Jeremy Schwartz Speaker Showreel

See keynotes with Jeremy Schwartz
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