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Football is a game of power.

Georg Pangl

travels from Austria

Football expert, former international UEFA football official, entrepreneur, author

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Georg Pangl knows football before and especially behind the scenes. Behind the world's most popular sport also hides a vast network of powerful and conflicting interests. How does this network work and who are the real "players" behind the football industry? 

Why you should book Georg Pangl for your next event

  • Exclusive insights into the structures behind one of the largest industries in the world – as exciting as a thriller.
  • Perspectives and explanations on the political and economic mechanisms behind the sport.
  • 34 years of expertise in the field and an excellent analytical presentation of current processes.

Born in Burgenland in Austria, Georg Pangl has worked in the football industry all his life. He formerly held managerial positions at UEFA, the Austrian Bundesliga, and the Association of European Football Leagues (EPFL – today European Leagues). He now owns the Pangl Football Group, with which he manages various projects in football and collects further exclusive insights here.

During his career at the major institutions UEFA, ÖFB, and European Leagues, Pangl was able to gather exclusive insights that shook him. Until 2019 he worked in senior positions of these associations and gained important experience with the world’s most important sport. But the power games, conflicts of interest, and dubious processes behind the scenes of football led to Pangl giving up his function in this world. It seemed more important to him to start independent projects in football and to be able to choose his partners there. Pangl has been a member of the advisory board of the FOOTBALL BUSINESS INSIDE (FBIN) since 2021, in which he also holds a senior advisory role.

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Speaker Georg Pangl Keynote Topics

Background, distribution of power, and decision-making processes in world football

  • Soccer is one, if not the largest industry in the world, moving masses around the globe and having followers all over the world.
  • There is a real machine behind this, which is organised in associations on the continents to organise this in such a way that a lot of profit remains with the associations.
  • There has long been a dispute about credibility, as there could be people who do not put sport and fair competition in the foreground, but in the pursuit of power and profit.
  • In the lecture, the speaker shows the network, structures, and mechanisms, who are the real “players” and opponents, and what interests are hidden behind the individual people in world football.
  • An extremely exciting and insightful lecture that reveals the dark side of the favourite sport and the true working methods of the officials and in the end reveals who holds the power in the world of football.
  • Born in Austria, he shares his international football experience and gives unique insights into how and what momentous decisions are made at the highest levels of government in football.
  • His explanations with concrete and sometimes unbelievable examples and numbers show why football is moving towards the abyss and what needs to be done to stop this development.

Georg Pangl - General Secretary, European Leagues

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