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Karl Schoemer

Founder of VisionQuest
Country: USA

As the President and Founder of VisionQuest, keynote speaker Karl Schoemer is a specialized consultant and helps firms improve productivity.  The changes in the global economy are constant, expectations are higher and the work place is rapidly changing. During keynote speeches Karl uses his enthusiasm and dedication to address audiences with these issues and forces them to take action.

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Karl G. Schoemer
is President and Founder of VisionQuest,
a multidimensional training and consulting firm. As
a well recognized Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker, Karl has delivered keynote speeches, facilitated training, and consulted with hundreds of companies, groups and associations world wide. His client list includes Intel, IBM, AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Ford Motor Company, The Stanford Medical Center, State Farm Insurance, and the National Security Agency. Karl has helped managers, teams and organizations develop the skills and beliefs necessary to manage the change process toward increased productivity.

Karl helps his clients cope with change and improve productivity by addressing the individual business needs and in the process teaches them skills and behaviors needed for long term success. His varied experience with a wide range of organizations and industries, and his experience with organizational change gives him credibility with a variety of audiences—from senior executives to large employee groups. Karl’s versatility is apparent in the range of projects that he has delivered for his clients both nationally and internationally. He has assisted a major information services organization in changing their corporate culture. He has delivered training in South America, Australia, and Singapore. In addition, he has
done extensive work with numerous government agencies, departments and groups.

Karl brings a unique mixture of enthusiasm and expertise to every group he addresses. His excitement and conviction help clarify and emphasize key messages while his focus on behavior change and productivity forces participants to take action. He has the ability to establish immediate connection with a group, and immediately create a supportive learning environment that helps guarantee higher performance and bottom line results.

Karl’s credentials include a Masters Degree in Business; valuable experience inside organizational culture from his work at Baxter Healthcare International; and a multitude of successful, professional speaking and training experiences from his work with Dale Carnegie Training. Karl’s future credentials include the fact that he is
a continuous learner, and that his experience constantly redefines his value, allowing him
to successfully align himself as his clients’ 
needs change.

    Speaker Karl Schoemer Keynote Topics

    The New Reality session:

    This half-day workshop explores the change process, along with guidelines and strategies you can use immediately. And with The New Reality handbook, you’ll be able to continue to apply these principles. Our ultimate goal is to help you take advantage of the new opportunities brought to you every day as a result of this constant, complex change.


    The New Reality Booster session:

    This program reviews, refreshes and reinforces key messages from The New Reality session — focusing directly on application. It provides a framework for integrating The New Reality strategies and creating a more customer-focused, change-adaptive culture.

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