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Formula 1 Champion

Mika Häkkinen

travels from Monaco

One of the sport’s real superstars, Mika enjoys sharing the experiences gained during his formidable career, including surviving a life-threatening accident.

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Two-times Formula One Champion Mika Hakkinen scored world titles in 1998 and 1999 for the all-conquering McLaren-Mercedes Benz team. With 20 Formula One race victories and 51 top-three podium finishes to his credit, he ranks among the most successful drivers of all time and is widely regarded as one of the fastest drivers of the modern era.

Reasons to book Mika Häkkinen

  • Since his retirement, he has often been voted among the greatest Formula 1 drivers. Michael Schumacher has stated that Häkkinen was the driver whom he gained the most satisfaction of racing against.
  • Mika remains a familiar presence at Grands Prix and one of the most popular personalities in Formula 1.

From his very first Formula One drive in an uncompetitive Lotus in Phoenix in March 1991, it was clear that Hakkinen possessed the talent to reach the top. At the end of 1992, he was signed as test driver for the 1993 season by McLaren, supporting Ayrton Senna and Michael Andretti. Mika spent 1994 and 1995 developing his skills, taking over as team leader. His life was threatened by a serious accident at the 1995 Australian Grand Prix but the quick actions of medical crews led to a full recovery.

Mika won his first Grand Prix in 1997 and never looked back, collecting his first World Championship in style in 1998. He won 8 of the 16 races. Although 1999 was a tougher year, he came back strongly, scoring a further 5 Grands Prix victories en route to retaining his crown at the final race of the season.

By then he was well established as the only man capable of out-racing Michael Schumacher. Mika’s confidence in racing Schumacher wheel-to-wheel was most famously illustrated by a 300kph overtaking manoeuvre during the Belgian Grand Prix in 2000. Today it is regarded as one of the greatest overtaking manoeuvres in F1 history.

Further victories in the British and United States Grands Prix in 2001 demonstrated that Mika’s performances remained at their peak, however he retired from Formula 1 racing at the end of that year.

Mika subsequently competed in the German Touring Car Championship until 2007. Since then he has remained closely involved in Formula 1 through brand ambassadorships and business interests including driver management. In 2022 he has joined the Viaplay F1 broadcast team in the nordic region, providing expert insight.

See keynotes with Mika Häkkinen

Keynote topic by Mika Häkkinen

Mika speaks passionate on topics such as teamwork, performance and business of sport especially the Formula 1.

He will share with your audience the secrets and tips from winning in one of the most difficult sports in the planet where teamwork places a vital role in success. Furthermore he will share how the many links between sports and business in this fascinating speech.

Examples on speaking topics could be:

  • Winning as Team Player – Leading from the front.
  • Teamwork: High Performance Teams.
  • The Flying Finn: Clinical. Focused. Skilled.


He can deliver the following event formats:

  • Moderated Presentation with Mark Gallagher
  • Moderated Presentation with Client Host/Moderator
  • Solo Presentation with Q&A
  • Personal Appearances including;
  • Meet & Greet / Autographs / Selfies
Watch Mika Häkkinen in action!

Belgium 2000 - Mika Hakkinen's pass on Michael Schumacher. The best overtake ever.

Watch Mika Häkkinen in action!

McLaren P1 on Monaco Gp track with Mika Häkkinen | Nico Rosberg | eVLOG

See keynotes with Mika Häkkinen
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Keynote topics with Mika Häkkinen