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Frank King

Comedian and Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Speaker
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Frank King is a former writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Today, he uses his experience from the entertainment world to speak of depression, suicide and mental health in a serious but also relatable and approachable way. Mental health is important in any industry, and a keynote with Frank King will give you the courage to speak up about mental health and suicide.

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Also known as the Mental Health Comedian, speaker Frank King has a gift of making a topic so sensitive accessible and normal. Frank himself has thought about killing himself more times than he can count, and he comes from a family of depression. As a comedian, Frank is able to talk about the topic in a way that most people can relate to and understand, after all “nobody dies laughing”. He turned his dark times into a TEDx Talk “A Matter of Laugh or Death” and in the spring, he’ll give two other TEDx Talks. Even though Frank is a comedian, his approach to the topic of depression and suicide is real and very serious.

Speaker Frank King’s inspiring, thought-provoking and funny keynotes can help you realize how important it is to communicate to and understand the mind of someone who is battling with depression and suicide. As a motivational speaker and trainer, Frank uses his life lessons and background to give a voice to those who need it, and he creates a common pool for people to listen and understand. 

Frank King speaks at a variety of events. Schools and colleges book him as a youth mental health speaker or for suicide prevention and postvention. Certain workplaces and occupations may be at a high risk for depression and suicide, and these will benefit greatly from Frank’s talks. Funeral directors or funeral associations may be in need of suicide postvention and prevention training for the families they serve, and speaker Frank King is sure to deliver the best training and speaking.

    Speaker Frank King Keynote Topics

    • Workplace Suicide Prevention
    • College Suicide Prevention
    • Senior-Citizen Suicide Prevention
    • Stress-Less in the Workplace
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