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Change management expert helps companies create high performing teams

Alan O’Neill

travels from Ireland

Working with iconic brands across the globe, Alan’s experience in strategy and execution delivers high-performing results, by steering companies through obstacles to obtain extraordinary growth.

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Alan O'Neill helps listeners to address the core challenges a business may face. He addresses those challenges by focusing on incremental changes, which make a big difference over time. His customer-centric concept of reaching high performance goals by creating value have helped global businesses improve the bottom line. As a consultant, he mentors C-suite executives and engages corporate audiences on the best way to implement dynamic and effective business growth. An advocate for customer-centric strategies, Alan continues to create opportunities for global businesses to succeed in an evolving market.

Why select keynote speaker Alan O’Neill

  • Audiences relate to Alan’s engaging and dynamic presentations. With more than 30 years’ experience in change management, he guides top leaders and brands to extraordinary business results.
  • His keynote offers audiences the strategies to overcome business obstacles by planning a roadmap for developing high performing teams by focusing on the customer.
  • Alan is a renowned for exceptional results guiding iconic brands through modern business challenges. His popular book, Premium is the New Black guides businesses on putting customers first.

Alan works with global brands to develop effective strategies for growth. Guiding multi-million-euro businesses to improve cultures and fiscal performances, the innovative keynote speaker produces groundbreaking results. Since 2004, he’s worked with Selfridges in implementing successful process improvement, which resulted in dynamic growth of 230 percent.

Working across the globe, Alan’s work with businesses to integrate leadership skills. Working inside and outside of the retail market, he’s attracted major brands, such as Chevron, Nissan, Vodafone, and AIB Bank. Alan offers listeners actionable tools for improving how a business operates. Audiences are enthralled by his vast business knowledge and unique concepts for achieving high performance levels.

With fashion, travel, and food experience in retail, Alan drives results with his essential growth strategies for overcoming business challenges to reach high performance levels. His keynote topics include sales growth, innovation, strategy, and customer experience. Consulting companies in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, Alan has a reputation for simplifying change management to create effective strategies for facilitating dynamic results.

Online reviews are positive about Alan’s down-to-earth presentation, which brings the commercial focus back to putting the customer first. Engaging the audiences, Alan’s passionate presentation offers compelling real-life examples of how to meet business objectives and inspire collaboration between stakeholders.

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Keynote by speaker Alan O'Neill

Get Ready for the New World of Retail

Retail is changing rapidly and becoming even more complex. As an industry, it has probably seen more disruption than almost every other sector. The advancing perfect storm of ferocious on-line competition; changing customer expectations and the infiltration of digital into traditional stores – is a new dynamic. For traditional retailers, coping with that is an ongoing challenge.

From food to fashion, luxury to mass, big box to multiple site, and travel retail to the high street, Alan has supported many iconic retailers over 20 years. He will reveal to you the secrets of their success in a way that you can learn from and adapt for your business.

Three times winner of the award for being the best department store in the world…and one of the most profitable, Selfridges in particular is an amazing success story. Alan was the lead consultant that navigated Selfridges through significant change from ‘bricks only’ to ‘clicks and brick’. Alan can share his insights and how he supported them to achieve their ambition.

And even if you’re not a retailer, it’s a sector that every business can relate to and learn from because of their sense of urgency, their focus on the customer and of course their commercial savvy.

Keynote by speaker Alan O'Neill

Premium is the New Black

Excellence in Customer Service and the Customer Experience is the new battle-ground!

Based on Alan’s new Book “Premium is the New Black”, the key principle at the core of this engaging keynote is how to ensure your customers have consistently great experiences – making them more likely to buy from you repeatedly and become strong advocates for your brand.

Customer service drives sales. While that is obvious, we don’t all do it. In this economic and fast changing environment, many organizations are struggling to differentiate with product – in the way that they might have done in days gone by. The clever ones however, realize that they can differentiate by ensuring their customers have an amazing experience; they Customerize their Business!

In a time where traditional business models collide with new-world digital and omni-channel strategies, excellence in customer experience is the new battleground. We all want the same thing we want customers to buy today to come back again and to refer us to a friend. Great customer satisfaction is the key driver of that.

Attendees will learn:

  • The real bottom-line commercial benefit of having a customer-centric culture
  • How your industry is changing and what excellence means for your unique business
  • Tools and concepts to enable you to differentiate from your competition, the very next day
  • How to overcome pitfalls to deliver consistency at every customer touch point

Alan is passionate about customer service. He will show you how to develop a culture of great service from the board-room to the front-line, by putting the customer at the heart of all decision-making in your organization. He knows that customer service has to be practical and drive sales – and it requires a fully engaged workforce. In his charming and engaging style, he will challenge you with examples, evidence and case studies to help you achieve consistency. Ultimately this will motivate your people into action to increase your sales.

Keynote by speaker Alan O'Neill

High-Performance Culture

Fast-track your business results with a customer-centric, high-performance culture.

If as Peter Drucker says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – then it’s time to set the table! With a great culture and an engaged workforce, you can take on the world. Others might copy your strategy – but no one can copy your culture. Because culture is about mindset, attitudes and behaviors. It’s the software of the mind!

Strategy guides you on what you will do structure defines who will do it but it is your culture that determines how you will do it. Too often, organizations miss this, yet it is the golden thread that binds it all together. If you want to fast-track your business results with proven culture concepts, you need to renew your ideal culture.

Attendees will learn:

  • Where culture fits in to your big picture…what it is, why it’s important, how it’s measured.
  • What it will take to achieve a high-performance culture for your organization.
  • Best culture practices to achieve high engagement with millennials and all ages.
  • How to avoid pitfalls in culture renewal.
  • How leadership, values and processes will shape a more productive team – that is working as one.
  • How to deliver excellence at every customer touch-point, consistently.

Alan will share practical and proven best practices that will guide you to refresh your culture – and that help to greater customer experiences and supercharged business results.

Keynote by speaker Alan O'Neill

Dare to Change

How to overcome resistance to change and embrace it as a new norm.

Change is the new reality and it’s coming at you in many ways. It might be prompted by external forces, such as technological, economical, sociological or even political. But make no mistake – your suppliers, competitors, customers and your own people are changing too. Alan knows what it takes to drive and to own the change in a business; across numerous industries, he has facilitated and led many large blue-chip companies through change, overcoming natural resistance along the way. Alan will show you the practical and proven steps to navigate change, and shares best practices and outline practical strategies for managing change.

Attendees will learn:

  • To understand the drivers of change unique to your industry.
  • Understand why people resist change and techniques to overcome it.
  • The pitfalls in managing change, with leadership techniques and best practices to adapt.
  • The importance of collaboration and communication in engaging your teams.

Alan O'Neill - Conference Speaker

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We in the motor industry believe that we can learn a lot from the world of retail. Alan made that clear.



What impressed me about Alan was how much he knew about the estate agency business and how tailored the presentation was to our needs.

Sherry Fitzgerald


Alan delivered the Supercharge your Sales presentation to our full management team of 35 managers. It was a great boost at the start of our peak season. He challenged us to re-look at ourselves in a very different light and we needed that.

Commercial Director

Gleneagle Hotel Group

We've invited Alan to speak on several occasions. If I had to do them all over again - I'd call Alan.

Marketing Director


Alan is very commercial and gave practical, sound advice that truly inspired and motivated our people.


Dubai Refreshments

We put it up to Alan to deliver a keynote that would really help our members be more professional. He was excellent and now we want to roll it out to our members.



Alan, your keynote was excellent - it was pitched and presented just right and got the conference off to a great start.

Donnie Tantoco

Rustan Commercial Corporation and Board Member of APRCE

As a public service institution, Customer Service is a priority for us. Alan inspired us with his commercial stories and showed how they'd work for us too.

HR Director

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