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Frank Lind

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Business Transformation Expert, Author and Teamwork Strategist

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Speaker Frank Lind works with both struggling and innovative companies. He specializes in business strategies and implementing innovation through teamwork and collaboration. As a business coach his key focus is to facilitate change within the company to foster “team-driven” outcomes. During this presentation Frank provides the tools, techniques and inspiration needed to guarantee that a workshop with him will pay for itself 10X over.

Frank started his first business at 15, a little fireworks stand east of Chicago. By the time he was in his mid-thirties, he had several businesses under his belt, one which he convinced his mother to mortgage her house to start and took to six figures in less than a year. But during an economic downturn, he lost it all. Through the school of hard knocks Frank learned through trial and error what it took to go from good to great and discovered the number one secret to running a successful small to mid-size company and emerged a multi-million dollar business. He repaid all the money he borrowed from his mother and made a commitment to helping other companies achieve their potential in order to live happier more fulfilling lives.

As President and Founder of Get The Edge Coaching Group, Frank developed a step-by-step, proven system that coaches and trains owners and managers of small to mid-size companies a business framework that enhances team productivity and increases profitability.

Frank has become an in-demand and acknowledged transformational specialist in the small business world and he knows what it takes to build a successful high growth company. As a sought-after keynote speaker Frank Lind has presented his high-impact workshops to hundreds
of business leaders across the country.

In addition to founding Get The Edge Coaching Group, speaker Frank Lind hosted a Podcast in Miami entitled “Business Talk” and was featured on the video series, Unlimited Power. Frank is a Certified Professional Business Coach and Strategic Coach. He also speaks on leadership, team building and business psychology and has written several books on business, the latest, “The Business Mentor – Your Fast Track to Success” is featured on Amazon.

Frank’s dynamic speaking style is interactive and engaging in order to best educate and coach his audience. He transforms businesses, spanning from the shop floor to the board room, into innovative, productive, profitably run organizations.

Frank can bring out the creativity of small teams, as well a providing powerful methods for processing data for problem solving in companies.
Frank’s talks can teach better standards, and how to implement them through your entire team – or even company. He also works with how to assemble and manage teams so that your company can resolve complex problems quickly – and create a better company culture.

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    During Frank Lind’s keynote, the audience will go on an interactive, “real world”, hands-on training experience that will teach them:


    Strategic thinking – Accepting change:

    • Find ideas worth hundreds-of-thousands of dollars hidden inside your business

    The importance of Systems and Procedures:

    • Learn how to develop new, more efficient processes

    Implementing innovation through teamwork and collaboration:

    • Empower your people to work in teams to drive profitable growth faster

    How to increase sales growth, productivity, and profitability:

    • Discover how to organize and prioritize the most important areas of your business
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