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Why the Mentally Tough thrive : Keynote Workshops and Webinars

Penny Mallory

travels from UK

Former Rally Champion and leading authority on Mental Toughness.

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International motivational speaker Penny Mallory specializes in how to overcome adversity and obstacles through the power of the mind. Penny is known worldwide as the National Ladies Champion Rally Driver. Her keynotes offer valuable insights into unleashing the psychology of success. The Mentally Tough thrive and overcome setbacks quickly; you can develop these skills today!

Why you should book speaker Penny Mallory

  • As a former successful rally driver, Penny knows what competition and pressure can do to the mind. She is an expert in improving performance and results, and has helped several businesses do just that.
  • Penny has fought hard to where she is today, and she knows how important it is to not give up. Alcoholism and mental illness destroyed her family, and she found herself homeless as a teenager. Penny’s story is inspiring and proof to the audience that dreams come true if you want it bad enough.
  • Penny Mallory is a favorite to many international corporations, and her client list is quite impressive and includes brands like Tesco, Sony and Coca-Cola.

Keynote speaker Penny Mallory has found herself in competitive environments several times throughout her life. Today, she shares her secrets to thriving in a competitive world. Penny’s keynotes are interactive, thought provoking and entertaining. Most importantly, they compel people to take action and embrace change immediately.

Penny understands how our thinking affects our behaviour in our personal and professional lives. She is an expert at Penny has never let negativity or her gender get in the way. Despite being told she was the ‘wrong sex’ and ‘too old’ to rally she became National Ladies Champion. Her unique and inspirational story shows there is no limit to what you can achieve with determination, focus and commitment.

Penny quickly found that the qualities needed to succeed in sports aren’t much different than the qualities needed to succeed in business, and her keynotes offer tools, strategies and unique insights that can change your organisation. Penny has been a public speaker for over 20 years and always works closely with her client to ensure a relevant and beneficial presentation for everyone in the audience.

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Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Penny Mallory

Supporting Organizations Through COVID-19 and Beyond.

Our worlds have been turned upside down. Corporate strategies are being re-thought and re-designed, from productivity, to suppliers, to customers through to the most valuable asset you have – your people. The wellbeing and safety of your employees is a top priority. Developing their Mental Toughness is now critical to their productivity, and to the survival of your organisation.

Your people’s confidence, control, focus, resilience and commitment is what will help get your organisation through this challenging time. Finding solutions and ways out of chaos and crisis, seeing opportunities rather than threats and ensuring people don’t crumble under pressure is vital.

Audience takeaways:

  • Speaker Penny Mallory delivers interactive, challenging and transformational insights into developing Mental Toughness.
  • Penny’s experience of working inside and alongside World Class organisations and teams has helped her to develop company-wide programs and stand alone packages for leaders, middle managers and front line teams.
Keynote by speaker Penny Mallory

World Class Thinking = World Class Behaviour

  • You can’t afford to think and behave anything less than World Class if you want to compete, thrive and win. In this keynote, Penny shares her secrets to how the power of the mind can lead to success.
  • World Class Thinking and World Class Behaviour starts with your mindset and the right attitude and approach. When you do, you’ll discover truly extraordinary results are within your reach.
  • The audience will learn how to build relentless persistence and get valuable insights into world class behaviour.
Keynote by speaker Penny Mallory

Unleashing the Psychology of Success

  • In this keynote, speaker Penny Mallory uncovers the psychology of success. Success really is achievable for everyone, but it requires a winning mindset. Challenges can be overcome if we learn to control our mind.
  • The audience will learn how to develop winning habits that will make them think and perform like a champion.
Keynote by speaker Penny Mallory

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  • In this inspiring keynote, Penny focuses on how allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable can lead to building confidence.
  • Penny offers practical advice and strategies to feel comfortable in your own skin and building self-esteem.
Keynote by speaker Penny Mallory

The Genesis of World Class Teams

  • Team-work makes the dream work – but how? In this presentation, Penny teaches her audience to take their team higher. Every team requires a leader with a vision and the skills to see beyond Me to We.
  • The audience will learn how to build productive high-performance teams and skills to inspire their teammates.
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Penny Mallory Showreel

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Interview with Penny Mallory

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

My aim is simply to challenge people’s thinking and approach. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – and sometimes a reminder of what we can do better or differently, is really useful. I want to leave people thinking and feeling optimistic and excited about doing things better, trying something new or following the dream they had parked up in their mind. I believe that operating in a ‘World Class’ way is a choice – it’s not for ‘special’ people – and I demonstrate why that is so.

How are your keynotes unique?

I think my story is unusual and is also very visual which helps to engage an audience, whether they are interested in cars or not (most of us drive after all). Grabbing attention and holding their interest is critical if you want your messages to have an impact.

How do you make a connection between your experiences in sport and your workshops/ presentations?

The parallels between sport (and in my case motorsport) and life/business are easy to illustrate – we all have a direction, a speed or pace at which we operate, we all have critical decisions to make, and we all need to communicate clearly if we are to get what we want. These qualities are all vitally important if you desire success in motorsport, so using the analogies of driving brings a presentation to life with real energy.

Who or what inspires you most?

Strangely the most inspiring people I have ever met are not famous or well known – they are the quiet ones getting on and doing amazing things away from any publicity. The ones who change lives and dedicate so much time and effort to helping others.

Can you explain what your ‘Take Control’ workshop is all about?

Most people prefer to feel that they’re in control of their lives and where they are heading. The Take Control workshop offers ‘9 Special Stages’ to the audience – a kind of route map to getting what you want. It challenges and provokes the audience to think again – think differently – and accept that they are capable of achieving so much more.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I have had a really long think about this, and I am quite happy where I am…at home in a beautiful part of England, with my children and some friends, about to eat some great food. I can’t really imagine why I would want to be anywhere else…except maybe on safari in Africa!

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