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Penny Mallory

TV Presenter and Female Rally Driver
Country: UK

Penny Mallory is a successful female Rally driver and she is also considered one of very few female experts in the world of motoring. Penny has never let adversity or obstacles get in her way of her dreams. She is truly motivational and shows that dedication, persistence and hard work will take you incredibly far. She delivers keynotes and workshops on teamwork, leadership and personal development.

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Television Presenter, Motivational Speaker & Event Host

Penny Mallory is one of the most successful female Rally Drivers and the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car (the Formula One of Rallying). She is the presenter on ITV’s ’The Used Car Roadshow’ and also presents consumer reports for Daybreak and BBC Breakfast. Penny is one of very few women in the world of motoring who is respected as a genuine expert.

Penny presented 5 series of Channel 4’s ‘Driven’, one of TV’s most popular and successful car programmes and has fronted Channel 4’s ‘World Rally Championship’, ‘Accident Blackspots’ and Discovery’s ‘Classic Car Club’, amongst many others.

She is a qualified Sports Psychologist and Performance Coach and frequently works with large organisations, teams, world class athletes and individuals on their attitude, approach and mental performance. Penny is a consultant to many businesses and also hosts workshops focusing on leadership and performance. She has an excellent reputation for inspiring people, through speeches, workshops and her consultancy and is in great demand across Europe.

Penny has never let negativity or her gender get in the way. Despite being told she was the ‘wrong sex’ and ‘too old’ to rally she became National Ladies Champion.  Her unique and inspirational story shows there is no limit to what you can achieve with determination, focus and commitment.

Every year Penny pushes herself to achieve something she never thought she could. As a sought after Motivational Speaker, Penny shares the ups and downs of her story, inspiring audiences to achieve great things for themselves.

One example of her dedication to change and achievement is Penny’s story of overweight, fitness and extreme physical challenges. Penny was nearly 16 stone at one point in her life. Now she takes her physical fitness very seriously and is currently training to become the first British woman to complete 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. She is also a boxer, polo player and mountaineer. She recently completed a successful ascent of the tough North face of Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Elbrus.

Overall, Penny has an unusual and inspirational life story. At just fourteen years of age she left home, and never returned. She found herself in London, seeking a better life, but spent nearly 2 years in homeless hostels. As her life span completely out of control, she realised that to change her situation she would have to take control of her life, and in time worked her way to becoming a sound engineer and a graphic artist. A chance event allowed her to realise a childhood dream of driving a rally car and she was hooked.

Penny’s keynotes are interactive, thought provoking and entertaining. Most importantly, it compels people to take action and embrace change immediately. She has a great reputation internationally as she worked with several top organisations such as Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Sony and P&O.

Her highly top selling self development book, Take Control of Your Life has received outstanding reviews, including one from Brian Ashton MBE, England Rugby Had Coach, and has sat at No 2 in two Amazon categories. She is also the author of an other great book, World Class Thinking World Class Behaviour which is a powerful book for anyone looking to up their game in every aspect of life.

Penny is an active supporter of her two charities: Barnardo’s and Crisis.

    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    Leadership Workshop

    Leadership, by its very definition, implies ‘followership’. Who are you leading, and towards what goal? This interactive workshop will unpick the complexities of what it means to be a great leader, and identify where you can make significant improvements in your leadership style. During this keynote the following questions will be adressed;

    • What makes a great leader? What leaders do you admire, and why? What qualities do you have that make you a great leader?
    • What qualities you need to develop, to have your people following you with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment? What are you trying to achieve through your leadership style and leadership plan?


    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    World Class Thinking – World Class Behaviour

    Your are operating in the most competitive arena that has ever existed, with more information available, and businesses offering your service, than ever before. Can you afford to be thinking or behaving any less thanWorld Class? The good news is, that the people running the most successful businesses in your sector are no more special than you and they don’t have any gift that you don’t posses; they simply employ a few world class basics. Being World Class is a choice.

    This interactive workshop identifies the World Class basics, and challenges you to apply them to your life and your business.

    You will consider:

    • What makes a world class team
    • How you could do things differently
    • Why is deliberate practice so important?
    • Your clarity of aim
    • How you could ‘debrief’ effectively
    • How you could set your staff free

    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    Take Control

    This interactive and fun workshop identifies the 9 Special Stages you can follow to ‘Take Control’ of your life and career.

    • Drawing on the principles of how to achieve success in World Class Motorsport, you will discuss the 9 stages and how you can adapt them to your life: Purpose, Passion, Promise, Planning, Preparation, Positive Spin, Persistence, Performance & Power.
    • As a result, you will leave Penny’s workshop as a person knowing the right tools and techniques to succeed.

    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    Personal Development Programme

    Despite the complexities and difficulties life can throw at you, if you know what you want to achieve, you can make a plan to make it happen.

    • Joining this programme will see you rise to a level of achievement you never considered before was possible.
    • Penny will help you creating a programme tailored to your own needs which will contribute greatly to your personal development.

    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    Build a World Class Team

    Create your world class dream team by installing high performance skills & behaviors alongside the right mental approach in every team member.

    • Are your performers in the right roles based on their mind-set, drive and beliefs? During this keynote you will optimise impact on team performance by challenging existing structures, behaviours and cultures.
    • Opening the group to new possibilities, new opportunities and new perspectives will help them to address their own accountability and responsibility.
    • A team who have one clear shared aim, who combine and compound their individual talents and strengths to reach that aim, can become a world class team.

    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    How to construct and deliver a knockout speech

    This workshop is a hands on, practical day of learning and discovering the abilities you already have (but don’t yet know it). The day is hosted by TV Presenter and Professional Speaker Penny Mallory. Whether you have to make a business or social presentation, you will learn how to:

    • Craft a great story!
    • Deliver your message and make it stick
    • Keep the audience fully engaged
    • Discover a confidence you never knew you had – Enjoy the experience!


    Keynotes by speaker Penny Mallory

    Rebuild your broken team

    Do you feel your team could be working and communication more effectively, producing better results and having a greater commitment?

    • Through a process of interviews and observation, followed by a Team Away Day, your team will re-focus their minds to achieve outstanding results in line with your company aims and goals.
    • This is a powerful and productive process that can see business results turned on their head. Moreover, the reputation of the organisation will greatly improve by making internal communication of the business more efficient.
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