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Inspirational keynotes based on personal Olympic stories

Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez

travels from USA

Four-time Olympian and bestselling author teaching how become successful using his own personal effectiveness system

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Keynote speaker Ruben Gonzalez speaks from Olympic experience. He teaches the personal effectiveness system he used to achieve success again and again in both the Olympics and in the business world.  He is proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they follow a few simple steps. Ruben inspires his audiences to become more productive and to live life fully while using personal Olympic stories to illustrate all his points.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

A seemingly “ordinary guy,” Ruben Gonzalez wasn’t a gifted athlete. He didn’t take up the sport of luge until he was 21. Against all odds, four years later he was competing in the Winter Olympics. At the age of 47 he was racing against 20-year-olds in the Vancouver Winter Olympics!

From Dubai to Toronto, from Hanoi to Cancun, from Singapore to Africa, keynote speaker Ruben Gonzales has inspired and motivated audiences around the world.

His client list reads like a Who’s Who of Corporate America: Dell, Coca-Cola, Farmers Insurance, Ortho McNeal, the Million Dollar Round Table, Oracle, Wells Fargo, Century21, and even the U.S. Treasury Department!

Ruben Gonzales has shared the stage with speaking legends Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, and Tom Hopkins. They’ve hailed him as a leader of a new generation of personal development speakers.

As a Four-Time Olympian and internationally recognized expert on developing mental toughness, Ruben Gonzalez knows how to achieve success again and again. A master storyteller, our speaker Ruben Gonzales uses his Olympic experiences to inspire audiences to think differently, live life with passion and have the courage to take the necessary steps toward their goals – to push beyond self-imposed limitations and to produce better results!

Ruben had appeared nationally on ABC, CBS, and NBC. He’s been featured in Time Magazine, the NY Times, as well as publications around the world. His articles on peak-performance are read on every continent. His book, “The Courage to Succeed,” has been endorsed by Lou Holtz, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, and Dr. Robert Schuller.

Armed with the same energy and dedication that he put into his athletic career, keynote speaker Ruben Gonzalez brings to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds a truly unique, truly memorable performance that teaches as it entertains, and inspires as it motivates.

Because of his powerfully inspiring story, Ruben Gonzales was selected to carry the Olympic Torch at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Ruben’s story of overcoming incredible challenges on the road to competing in four Olympic Games over the span of four decades goes right into the core of his audiences psyche, filling them with the inspiration and self belief they need to achieve their goals.

The sought-after speaker Ruben Gonzales will inspire and equip your people to achieve more than ever before. People walk out of Ruben’s keynote presentation knowing they have what it takes to achieve sustained success. Ruben will inspire your people to reach their full potential, to make bold decisions and to take action – creating long lasting success for your organization. He will change you.

See keynotes with Ruben Gonzalez

    Keynote by Speaker Ruben Gonzalez 

    Safety Talk

    • Think lugers are daredevil thrill-seekers? On a whole, they are very analytical and detail conscious. The daredevils don’t last because they crash and burn.
    • In this talk, keynote speaker Ruben Gonzales shares how he managed risk while doing some pretty dangerous things. He validates what safety officers tell their teams to do, and get them to start acting in a safer manner.


    Keynote by Speaker Ruben Gonzalez 

    Becoming Unstoppable – Success Secrets from a Four-Time Olympian

    • A powerful keynote guaranteed to motivate your sales people to sell more.
    • In this funny, motivational, high energy message, your audience will learn how to build confidence and destroy fear, how to unleash their passion and drive, how to unlock their full potential, how to turn defeat into victory, and how to achieve their personal or professional ambitions.
    • Ruben Gonzales shares how to develop the mental toughness of Olympic athletes so you can win more sales, dominate your market and leave your competition in the dust.
    • In addition, this inspiring keynote is filled with proven methods and techniques that will help your people develop a winning mindset.
    • This program is perfect for a group facing change, challenges or set-backs to overcome.
    • Your audience will learn how to become resilient and how to become unstoppable on the way to the top!


    Keynote by Speaker Ruben Gonzalez 

    From Ordinary to Extraordinary

    • Keynote speaker Ruben Gonzales is proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they follow a few simple steps.
    • Ruben is funny, direct and on target. He’s on a mission to inspire and equip people to think differently, to take immediate action, and to produce better results. To achieve more than ever before!
    • Through his riveting stories and keen insights Ruben brings the Olympics to life.
    • He will give your audience an Olympic experience they will never forget. A transforming…powerfully emotional experience. Truly an event.
    • Ruben’s story of his quest for the Olympics gives people hope and strength. His story moves people to commitment and action.
    • After experiencing Ruben’s program, your people will know exactly what it takes to succeed in life.
    • They will be inspired and equipped to take whatever they do to the next level.


    Keynote by Speaker Ruben Gonzalez 

    How to be an Olympian in Business and in Life

    • Using concepts from his best-selling books, “The Courage to Succeed” and “Becoming Unstoppable,” Ruben shares the success principles that took him from a second string soccer player to a four-time Olympian in the sport of luge. Principles that will help your audience excel both personally and professionally.
    • Organizations and individuals that are going through major change and going through challenges will especially benefit from Ruben’s message.
    • Your Audience Will Learn: how the mind works, how to condition your mind for success, how to become unstoppable in the face of challenges, how to take your commitment to another level, how to become confident and laser focused, how to become a better leader.
    • Your people will walk out of Ruben’s presentation thinking, “If THAT guy could make it to the Olympics three times, then we can do ANYTHING!”


    Keynote by Speaker Ruben Gonzalez 

    Velocity – How to Achieve Big Results FAST

    • Keynote speaker Ruben Gonzales is an expert on creating desired results…FAST.
    • Organizations use his strategies to get their people to achieve more than ever before.
    • At the age of 21, Ruben decided to compete in the Olympics, took up the sport of luge, and 4 years later was racing for the Gold against the best in the world.
    • Using his strategy for creating fast results, he soon became a bestselling author, business consultant and speaker, helping corporations and associations around the world create and sustain business growth… FAST.
    • He combined his success in business and in the Olympics to create time-tested techniques to excel in these challenging times – to become unstoppable.
    • Ruben’s against-all-odds story will fill your people with the spirit of teamwork, commitment to excellence, and personal dedication they need to succeed… FAST.
    • He’ll open your eyes, engage your imagination and prompt you to think bigger and aim higher. He’ll equip you to act more boldly as a leader and win more decisively as a competitor – so you can succeed… FAST.
    • Ruben’s keynote “Velocity,” is an Olympic experience you will never forget.
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