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Natalie Cofield

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Highly experienced entrepreneur and executive inspiring and spreading her passion for entrepreneurship around the globe

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Speaker Natalie Cofield is an influential millennial at the nexus of business, community and politics. As an advocate, founder and educator, she supports the growth of diversity and entrepreneurship around the world. As an entrepreneur and executive, Natalie has successfully raised more than $20 million in corporate and philanthropic investments and government contracts.

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs, speaker Natalie Cofield transformed a vacant property into a burgeoning center for community-based entrepreneurship and collaboration. As the founder of a social impact missioned coworking space called Urban Co-Lab. This coworking space went on to work with clients and companies including SnapChat, Google and HPE, among others.

Today, Natalie serves as the founder & CEO of a company on Inc Magazine’s list of top ‘25 Companies Determined to See Women Succeed’: Walker’s Legacy. In addition, she is founder & chairwoman of the Walker’s Legacy Foundation. Walker’s Legacy is a digital platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman designed to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming, and a global community.

Cofield began her professional career working on Wall Street as a Management Consulting Analyst with JPMorganChase. She went on to serve as President & CEO of the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce. Making her the youngest Chamber President for an American Top 15 City. In this role, Cofield was responsible for partnerships with companies including Google, IBM, Facebook, HPE, and Whole Foods, among others.

Natalie Cofield has served as the youngest person to testify before the US Senate Committee on Small Business & EntrepreneurshipAdditionally, she is a sought-after expert for government and corporations on topics of diversity and inclusion. She frequently is asked to provide testimony before Congress about entrepreneurship challenges for small, women and minority-led firmsHer work in this area even landed her a position on the founding advisory board of the Google Supplier Diversity Council.

As an educator and speaker Natalie Cofield spreads her passion for entrepreneurship around the globe. She has taught on topics of entrepreneurship for Zumbi Dos Palmares University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As well as conducting numerous trade missions to countries including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, and England, among others.

See keynotes with Natalie Cofield

    Keynote by Speaker Natalie Cofield


    • Companies who do take the time to understand the power of diversity and how to harness through their labor force and customer base will struggle through growth over the next decade and beyond.
    • Speaker Natalie Cofield will discuss how value propositions of gender, ethnic and age diversity, among other areas, that have demonstrated positive implications for business performance and operations.

    Keynote by Speaker Natalie Cofield

    Women in the Workplace

    • The 21st century belongs to the woman. Women represent more than 70 percent of consumer spending and represent roughly 50 percent of all college graduates yet account for less than a third of all management level roles within major Fortune 500 companies. Breaking the glass ceiling requires initial corporate strategy, meaningful programs and policies and an awareness of how women lead.
    • In this talk, Natalie explores significant entrepreneurial and/or corporate examples of women in leadership and strategies for engagement and advancement.

    Keynote by Speaker Natalie Cofield

    The Bootstrapping Entrepreneur: How to Start a Business with No Investment Capital

    • Where you may be seeking a traditional business loan or venture investment, access to capital is one of the most difficult challenges faced by entrepreneurs.
    • In this keynote, Natalie will discuss strategies for building a business on a budget, using your own capital, and still achieving success.
    • She will also show examples of highly successful entrepreneurs who have leveraged practices to grow their companies with limited funds, their philosophies and how you can leverage these principles for your own company.

    Keynote by Speaker Natalie Cofield

    Thinking Like a CEO

    • When I was a child I thought like a child… now that I am the CEO I think like a boss. Going from employee to CEO mindset can be a challenge for new entrepreneurs. You are now responsible for every aspect of the business. Every decision you make – or don’t make – has financial implications. Are you thinking like a CEO or an employee?
    • In this session, we will discuss how focusing your energy on strategy, growth, partnerships and understanding operations are the most optimal uses of your time as head of household.

    Keynote by Speaker Natalie Cofield

    Building Business Teams

    • Just like any team, whether sports, family or work, understanding roles and the implications of new additions is critical to running a functioning and well-oiled machine. Do you know who you need next? What skill-sets or personality traits they will need to be successful in their role and to the growing business?
    • In this session, we will explore the critical roles every entrepreneur or small business owner needs on their team, how to get them with finite resources and when and how to stop doing everything yourself.
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