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Jesper Bergstrøm

Jesper Bergstrøm

travels from Denmark

Body language expert best-known for his analyses of the body language of celebrities and politician in the media

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Our keynote speaker Jesper Bergstrøm is a body language expert frequently featured in the media for his analysis of the body language of celebrities and politicians. He is a passionate and energetic speaker, renowned for his popular keynotes on networking, reading people and how to sell yourself.

Jesper Bergstrøm is an expert in body language, motivation and the relationship between the body and mind. Sharing his many years of experience, he holds talks for businesses, as well as public and private organizations around the world. The topics of his talks range from body language and sales, to how you can develop trust in your relationships, as well as happiness and motivation in the workplace.

Jesper has been fascinated by body language ever since he can remember. As a young boy he would observe his father selling computers to customers that weren’t actually interested in buying. By using his body language, Jesper’s father sent signals to the customers which activated their desire to buy something. The knowledge he gathered from observing his father is what Jesper Bergstrøm builds on in his popular talks about how to achieve success through body language.

Using his expertise, Jesper guides clients through daily politics, insurance people and lawyers, in order to judge their authenticity. He also helps salespeople, leaders and consultants to present themselves as trustworthy and confident as possible to their customers.

Jesper’s previous clients include Apple, Coloplast, TV2 and IBM. Furthermore, Jesper is a frequent TV guest who analyzed politicians’ body language and trustworthiness during the 2015 elections in Denmark. In 2017, he participated in a DR3 program “Do you speak body language?” and wrote a book called “Smil dig glad” meaning “Smile your way to happiness”Jesper’s thought-provoking and engaging talks give his audience new insights into how they can use knowledge of body language to understand others and to learn more about their own body language.

See keynotes with Jesper Bergstrøm

    Keynote by Speaker Jesper Bergstrøm

    The Body Language of Winners

    Subconsciously, we’re always sending signals to our environment. These signals are what others judge us based on. When we meet someone for the first time, that person has made 80% of the decision of whether they “buy” us or not within the first 3 minutes. Furthermore, researchers at MIT have shown that one can, with a 90% accuracy, predict the results of our presentations based on how our body language displays our trustworthiness and self-confidence.

    Jesper tells what controls our body language and gives practical advice as to how you can send the right signals when you want to create trust, as well as how you can be seen as a likeable person. Jesper will also teach you how to read the body language of others around you.

    This keynote provides practical takeaways for any audience, whether you’re seeking success in your personal life or in your business.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Send the right signals
    • Make others trust you
    • Make the best first-hand impression
    • Increase your self-esteem, humour and energy
    • Read the trustworthiness of others


    Keynote by Speaker Jesper Bergstrøm

    Workplace Well-being and Motivation

    Replace bad habits, like excuses and complaints, with value-creating activities that help employees to become happier and more productive. That’s how you create a workplace where employees thrive.

    This talk is ideal for people looking to be inspired to create a better workplace. It can be presented as a talk or workshop.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Techniques for generating motivation, energy and happiness in any situation. Jesper uses practical and fun excercises to demonstrate exactly how to implement these techniques.
    • Tools for how to deal with challenges, life’s downs and stressful situations in constructive ways. Science shows that organizations with a positive atmosphere have a better chance for success than otherwise.
    • Building blocks for a healthier workplace, where employees think for themselves and work effectively at achieving their goals in all aspects of life.


    Keynote by Speaker Jesper Bergstrøm

    Body language for salespeople

    • Interpreting the body language of customers
    • Techniques for creating a relationship of trust
    • Authentic and successful customer relationships
    • Methods to increase a customer’s desire to buy
    • Body language for presentations


    Keynote by Speaker Jesper Bergstrøm

    Body language for leaders

    • Insights into your body language
    • Understanding your coworkers’ signals
    • Methods to be an inspiring leader and communicator
    • Techniques for increasing trust
    • Methods for motivating coworkers
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