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Discovering opportunities throught imperfections


Joost Rigter

travels from Netherlands

Powerful keynote speaker on how to overcome challenges, setbacks and get through the most difficult change

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Why you should book speaker Joost Rigter

  • As an international speaker Joost Rigter is known for his interactive shows with solid content. His inspiring presentations and workshops on dealing with change, willpower and perseverance are perfect if you really want to create an unforgettable event. 
  • Speaker Joost Rigter has founded several companies himself and has years of experience in various positions. He likes to share these experiences with his audience. Joost customizes his keynotes so they fit the type of event, audience and organisation.

Imagine this. You’re 26 years old and you get the news: You’re likely to become blind. 10 years later you’re almost completely blind. That happened to international speaker Joost Rigter, and today he only sees 0.8 percent.

Is life less beautiful now? Absolutely not, says Joost. He made living with a disability a positive thing. He did this by focusing on his talents, the right mindset and just getting back to work. He has since founded three companies including the Chairmen at Work, a platform for blind and visually impaired masseurs.

Joost’s keynotes deal with topics such as overcoming challenges and obstacles with acceptance and the right mindset. As humans, we like to be in control of things. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially not in the rapidly changing world with so many different influences around us. What happens when we lose control? If things don’t go the way we are used to? As a true optimist, Joost makes it clear that you can also find strength in every challenge or obstacle. Something he has practiced himself.

During his presentation, speaker Joost Rigter invites his audience to take a look at his life. By literally taking his audience into the dark, he lets them experience what it’s really like to have no vision. He takes his audience out of their comfort zone and gives them the opportunity to make contact in a different way, both with themselves and with others.

By changing perspective, the circumstances within the company can also be approached in a different way which ensures growth! Joost’s unique story can inspire and help any company. He has previously spoken in front of clients like Walt Disney, Dutch Railways, KLM, UWV, Deloitte, ABN AMRO and Sony.

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Keynote by speaker Joost Rigter

Connection & trust

  • If you have no idea of ​​the things that are happening around you, you have no choice but to rely on trust. In this interactive talk, the audience gets to work on this. Joost takes his audience into the dark. By taking the participants out of their comfort zone, a connection is created with each other. You have to trust yourself, but also the other.
  • This is a great interactive talk that is perfect for bringing a team closer together and creating a bond between and across teams and colleagues.
Keynote by speaker Joost Rigter

Nothing is impossible

  • Speaker Joost Rigter shares his personal story from when he suddenly became blind. He shows how he lives his life to the fullest with a disability, and what role strength and perseverance have played in this.
  • An eye-opening presentation about how we should not be limited by setbacks. As a true optimist, Joost shows how he was able to achieve his goals by looking for positivity.
Keynote by speaker Joost Rigter

Cope with change

  • In a unique show, speaker Joost Rigter takes his audience into his world. Members of the audience are blindfolded and will briefly experience what it is like to have no vision – with no insight into what is happening around you or what’s in front of you. We cannot predict everything in life and uncertainties are part of living. How do you deal with this?
  • This talk is perfect for companies undergoing change. The keynote provides an energetic boost and offers practical tools for dealing with these changes. Joost will customize this keynote so that the content fits with the type of event and audience.
Speaker Joost Rigter in action

Discovering more opportunities through imperfections - TEDx Talk

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