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Joost Rigter

Motivational Speaker and Personal Development Expert
Country: Netherlands

Until he was 26,  keynote speaker Joost Rigter could see. He was then diagnosed with a rare ophthalmic disorder which has left him almost blind in 10 years. Today he sees only 0.8 percent. Joost’s experience allows him to explain the true importance of positivity, and show how change can be daunting but it might be just a matter of changing your perception!

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At 26, Joost Rigter was diagnosed with rare ophthalmic disorder which progressed to leave him with only 0.8 percent of his sight. Such a difficult experience caused Joost to reassess what was really important and where his talents lay. With positivity being a such a strong driving force behind his success, Joost can show an audience how a change in perception can help show how small some, seemingly large, obstacles really are.

Joost is also the founder of The Chairmen at Work, a company that provides a platform for visually impaired people to gain energy and fulfillment by performing chair massages. Taking enthusiastic and skilled visual impaired employees into corporate organisations and businesses. Wíth The Chairmen at Work, employers can address health related absenteeism and stress, and improve employee morale.

With his unique life experience, Joost is perfect choice to help change the approach to perceived problems. Showing audiences a way to reassess and rethink.

    Speaker Joost Rigter Keynote Topics

    • Positivity
    • Motivation
    • Leadership
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