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Peter Fisk

Peter Fisk

Expert on Leadership on Innovation & Growth
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Peter Fisk is a global thought leader, bestselling author and inspiring speaker. He is founder and CEO of GeniusWorks based in London, Professor at IE Business School in Madrid, and features in Thinkers50 Guru Radar as one of the world’s best new business thinkers. His new book is “Gamechangers: Creating Innovative Strategies for Business and Brands”.

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We live in an incredible time of change – every market is being transformed by disruptive technologies, global competition and new customer aspirations. WhatsApp creating $19bn in three years, Uber $60bn in 5 years, Xiaomi becoming the new Apple, 23&Me profiling DNA for $99, 3D printers on every street, mobile-centred lifestyles and exponential businesses.

What can you you learn from the world’s most innovative companies?
How could you be 10 times, not just 10% better?
Are you ready to change your world?

Peter Fisk helps business leaders make sense of a fast-changing world, to find the best new opportunities for growth, to embrace the best new ideas through design thinking, and to rethink their entire vision and strategy, business model and customer experience. Being 10% better is essential to stand still in today’s markets. The real question is how to get ahead, to stand out, and to be the leader who helps the business create and deliver future success.

Peter Fisk works across the world, helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is a thinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. He is Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Marketing at IE Business School, one of the world’s top ranked business schools, whilst also founder and CEO of GeniusWorks, a boutique consulting firm, helping clients around the world to make sense of fast-changing markets, and find new ways to think, compete and win.

Having trained as a nuclear physicist, Peter moved to managing brands like Concorde at British Airways, helping Microsoft to adopt a value-based marketing model, and Virgin to launch into new markets. He has worked in every sector and region of the world. As CEO of the world’s largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he became a global authority on what’s best and next in business and markets.

Finding his own space, he founded GeniusWorks, with offices in London and Istanbul. He works with businesses in every sector, food to fashion, skincare to stock exchanges – brands as diverse as Aeroflot and Coca Cola, DSM and GSK, Mars and M&S, Philosophy and Red Bull, Sabre and Santander, Tata and Turkcell, Virgin and Visa, Vodafone and Yapi Kredi – to think bigger and smarter, develop innovative strategies, bolder brands, and accelerate growth.

Peter’s new book “Gamechangers: Are you ready to change the world?” explores the next generation of brands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning in new ways. Based on 100 global case studies, it explores the challenges of new markets, changing customers, brand building, new business models, real-time marketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has been nominated for Marketing Book of the Year 2015.

His other books include “Marketing Genius” explores the left and right-brain challenges of success, and is translated into 35 languages. It was followed by five others – “Business Genius” on leadership and strategy, “Customer Genius” on building a customer-centric business, “People Planet Profit” on sustainable innovation – and most recently “Creative Genius” defining what it takes to be Leonardo da Vinci in the 21st Century.

Growing up in rural Northumberland, in the north of England, Peter has a love of running that has taken him from a youthful mile champion to still running every day, 30 years later. He now lives in Teddington, to the west of London, surrounded by the Royal Parks of King Henry VI and his hunting deer. He is married with two teenage daughters, who keep him real and in touch with the Snapchat, Netflix lifestyles of Gen Z.

Peter was described by Business Strategy Journal as “one of the best new business thinkers”. His advice is sought after by business leaders around the world, he adds specialist expertise to key projects, combining new ideas with practical action, inspiration and impact. Helping you to find your own space, to be leaders of change – to be bold, brave and brilliant.

    Keynote by Speaker Peter Fisk

    Sample topics of keynotes on growth

    • Business 2020 – Growing from the future back, making sense of the future, then working back to start making it happen.
    • Einstein and Picasso do business – harnessing your left brain and right brain to think big and small, creative and analytical, in todays world.
    • Megatrends 2025 – what are the big global trends for business that will shape every market, and enable every company to win
    • Winning in kaleidoscope markets – making sense of change, where markets are infinite in scope and granularity


    Keynote by Speaker Peter Fisk

    Sample topics of keynotes on innovation

    • Gamechangers: how the world’s most disruptive innovators are reshaping their and your world
    • Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci – how would he innovate, and make new connections, in today’s digital world
    • Sparking new insights by seeing things differently, and thinking different things
    • Design thinking made practical – gaining deeper insights to solve the big problems, and seize the best opportunities
    • Innovating every aspect of your customer propositions and experiences, to enable people to achieve more


    Keynote by Speaker Peter Fisk

    Sample topics of keynotes on leadership

    • Leadership that drives innovation and growth – being fit for the future, and focused on action.
    • Amplifying the potential of people – dare to dream, care to collaborate, to achieve more together
    • Winning as a speedboat not a supertanker – fast, focused and flexible – in big companies and small.
    • Heads up not heads down – seeing where you are going to deliver performance today and tomorrow


    Keynote by Speaker Peter Fisk

    Sample topics of marketing keynotes

    • The New Marketing Agenda – from Alibaba to Zipcar, what are the new rules of marketing?
    • Next generation brands – the best brands of the future are different, they engage and enable people in new ways
    • Customer centricity – transforming the whole business from insight to impact, what it really means, what it really takes
    • Building bolder brands – having the confidence to have real purpose, engaging people in brands that make life better
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