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A fun loving 'Human Lie Detector' who never fails to inspire, excite and entertain


Darren Stanton

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Body language expert, TV presenter and media contributor recognized by the media as "The Human Lie Detector"

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Keynote speaker Darren Stanton is recognized by the media as ‘The Human Lie Detector’ thanks to his ability to instantly unravel the tics that give away our lies and deceit that we all think we can hide so well. Aside from this very unique attribute Darren hosts an array of other skills including predicting and influencing Human Behavior, Motivation, Deception Detection, Body Language and Public Speaking.

Sought-after speaker Darren Stanton left behind a successful career as a frontline police officer to become a renowned expert Body Language, Deception Detection and Influence and Persuasion. With over 20 years of experience in the field!

Darren’s passion for presenting has already seen him baffle the big names on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ Matt Baker, Alex Jones and actress Sally Lindsay and ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden, as well as teaching Stephen Nolan the tips and tricks of the trade on BBC’s Radio Five Live.

Aside from his television work, talented speaker Darren Stanton has written for Cosmopolitan, Heat, Marie Claire and contributed to articles for all the broadsheets and red top newspapers such as the Daily Mirror and The Sun and delivered lectures and motivational speeches to a diverse range of clients, including his most eclectic client to date, The National Air Traffic Control Service. He is also a regular contributor to Russia Today, assessing all the World leaders when attending the G7 summit.

Additionally, speaker Darren Stanton is a published author, his Psychological Success book “Project Jam Jar” is an international bestseller.

In 2016, Darren started filming with ITV Studios the second series of Judge Rinder’s Crime stories. The show displays Darren using his incredible skill set and expertise to analyse some of Britain’s most shocking crimes – with his analysis being overseen by criminal barrister, Robert Rinder.

With over 20 years of corporate training to his name, the keynote speaker Darren Stanton is the UK’s favorite go-to expert for all matters psychological. Darren is an easy going, fun loving contributor with bags of banter who never fails to inspire, excite and entertain an audience.

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    Darren Stanton, the media simply call him “the Human Lie Detector”.

    Speaker Darren Stanton Keynote Topics

    • Human Behavior
    • Deception Detection
    • Body Language

Interview with Darren Stanton

How did you begin your speaking career?

I was asked to step in at an event, I was never supposed to be speaking at, about 15 years ago as one of the speakers was taken ill, although I was extremely nervous, I quickly began to love it.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

I think being asked to assess President Donald Trump, when he was first inaugurated. I had about a months work of assessing his body language and especially his bizarre way of shaking hands with other world leaders.

What got you interested in body language?

I had always been fascinated with people and being a former police officer, I always seemed to have a natural aptitude to tell when a suspect was going to turn violent or when suspects being interrogated were lying because of certain tells and gestures. This is what prompted a fascination that the body is always ‘ leaking ‘ information of what the person is really thinking, despite what they might be saying.

Is it possible to lie and get away with it?

Yes, techniques like mine, together with polygraphs can be beaten under certain circumstances. If a person is a psychopath or possess some other personality disorder then their perception of their reality is distorted. Since body language reflects the internal process of the mind this in turn will be distorted.

Why should clients use you for their next event?

Clients should use me at their next event because I believe it will equip them with a whole range of skills and knowledge that will enable them to spot others being deliberately deceptive, be in in business, negotiating or even in their private lives. My keynotes can also contain lots of interactive psychological games and demonstrations that never fail to inspire, excite or entertain.

What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?

I have had clients from a broad range of areas, universities, medical doctors and surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, sales – there is really no area of business that cannot learn from my talks.

See keynotes with Darren Stanton
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