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Miriam Hussey

travels from Ireland

Health and nutritional coach, pharmacist, and yoga instructor on a mission to improve mental health and well-being

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With a passion for well-being, health and human performance speaker Miriam Hussey is on a mission to better people’s lives and ignite their potential! Her professional background gives her a holistic expertise, and her energy and charisma shines through on stage.

Miriam is a qualified pharmacist, integrated health, wellness and nutritional coach, renowned yoga  instructor, holistic healing practitioner, as well as an international key-note speaker and facilitator  both in the corporate work space and with individual clients. 

Miriam focuses on lifestyle as medicine integrating the topics of holistic nutrition, mind-body  connection and emotional well-being into her talks, workshops and seminars. Being a qualified pharmacist having spent over a decade working in the world of pharmacy, treating and experiencing first hand many of our modern world symptoms, sicknesses and diseases, Miriam has a profound understanding of the importance of integrated health and the real drivers of human wellness and Performance. Her extensive qualifications in the area of Integrative Health and Holistic wellness, Nutritional wellbeing, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness allow Miriam speak with great authenticity and authority on the full spectrum of Human Health and Performance. 

Through her programs, events and key-note speaking engagements, she helps clients strip away learned behaviours and thinking patterns and unclutter, clarify and overcome both internal and  external obstacles and challenges, and ignite the best version of themselves from a complete Mind, Body and Spirit perspective.  

In her business, she is involved in the design and delivery of many corporate and personal wellness  retreats, seminars and programmes. She runs exclusive Yoga retreats, and is an international key note speaker on health and wellness. She has also co-founded and created the vision for Soul Space. Soul  Space is an empowering movement founded by Miriam and Gerry Hussey that focuses on raising  consciousness, awakening inner potential, inspiring greater health and performance through  integrative Mind, Body, Soul programs and events. Miriam believes that it is the integration and union of cognitive, emotional, physical, nutritional, mental and spiritual health that leads to true health, vitality and wellness. Her collective qualifications and expertise in both pharmaceutical and complimentary health therapies give her a unique and integrated approach to human health and wellness.  

Miriam is an accredited All–Star Business Award for Thought Leader in Human Health and Performance.

See keynotes with Miriam Hussey

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    An Integrated Approach to Human Health, Happiness, Wellbeing and Performance; – Exploring Lifestyle as Medicine

    • Inspire, motivate and encourage audience to understand the importance of Integrated health  and Wellbeing. Increase awareness and understanding around the importance of taking  responsibility to better self-manage our health and increase and promote wellbeing,  happiness and performance both in the workplace and in one’s personal life.
    • Using my qualifications and experience in pharmacy, this session bridges the gap between  conventional medicine and holistic health. It provides awareness and practical tips about what  it truly means to be healthy and well. It answers questions like – What does real wellbeing  mean? This talk enables the audience to understand integrative medicine – looking at the  interconnection between mind, body and soul and the impact it has on human health and  performance.
    • This talk explores the concept of LIFESTYLE as MEDICINE and how our lifestyles are impacting  on our health. In this talk we explore contributing factors such as Diet and Nutrition, Stress,  Sleep, Technology, Movement, Relationships, Career and Relaxation. This is an Insightful,  knowledgeable, motivational and inspiring talk for employers and employees, for  corporations and organisations, for parents and students, for young and old, for all of  humanity. The talk incorporates themes and topics based around Healing, Thriving,  Awakening to your best self and Nourishment both on and off the plate.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Nutritional Wellbeing

    • Using food to fuel performance – this talk includes and goes beyond the importance of what  we eat and how we eat to also look at why we eat and when we eat to fuel mind and body and  improve health and performance both in personal and professional life.
    • The importance of Primary V Secondary food. Sometimes we are not fed by the food on our  plate but by the energy and passion in our lives. The audience will learn the importance of  nourishing ourselves in ways that go beyond the plate. What feeds your soul? What are you  truly hungry for in life? This talk will incorporate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual  aspects to human nourishment and fulfilment.
    • An inspiring talk that will open your mind to the broader context of human health and  wellbeing. This talk will provide essential key facts and tips around nutrition, food and recipes,  but it will also transcend beyond calories, fats and carbs and look to the whole picture, of what  it truly means to be fulfilled and nourished, so that you can live your best life in an enriching  and invigorating way.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Resilience and Being at your BEST

    • This talk looks at the concept of resilience – re-introducing silence (ReSilence) into your life in  the form or reflection and recovery for enhanced productivity and performance How being at your best enables you to thrive and not just survive.
    • In this talk we delve deep in to the meaning behind B.E.S.T. and explore how we can  implement practical tips and tools around becoming more resilient in our day-to-day lives. B= Being Me, E= Energy Management, S = Self talk and inner dialogue, T= Trust, Truth, Time  management. and team and social connections.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Achieving Success Through Mindfulness

    • In this talk attendees will learn that the breath is our source of vitality, energy and life. They  will learn how to reconnect with their breath, reconnect with their inner self and learn how  to become still, pause and reflect enabling them to think clearer, be calmer, more composed  and make better decisions. They will also learn how to use the breath as a means to nurture,  self-care and find balance in life.
    • They will learn the importance of breathing and its role in reducing stress and anxiety in  today’s busy world. Attendees will learn essential take away practical everyday tips around  mindfulness, meditation and breathing to help reduce stress and anxiety, insomnia and other  health related concerns.
    • They will gain awareness on how to become mindful – mindful of their thoughts, actions,  behaviours, beliefs and interactions. They will learn how they are interconnected to health,  healing, wellbeing and performance.
    • They will gain knowledge and understanding of the science behind meditation and its benefits.  They will also learn the art of implementing rest and recovery into their everyday life  through an experiential guided meditation that I will lead. All attendees will gain greater  awareness of how to reset, reboot and refocus Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Awakening Your Inner Pharmacy

    • In this talk the audience will learn to understand the Mind Body Connection and the impact and impressions that our thoughts, emotions and actions have on our physical bodies.
    • They will learn to recognise the innate ability and natural intelligence of our bodies and learn to understand the ways in which our bodies communicate with us through various signs and symptoms.
    • This talk will navigate the shores of what emotional eating means, and deal with this matter in a very sensitive way that is both informative and compassionate as well as scientific and professional.
    • This talk will increase attendee’s awareness around the connection between science and healing, medicine and meditation and the importance of bridging the gap between conventional and alternate health care.
    • This talk will inspire and create awareness around the awakening of a new generation of healing which involves the integration of Mind, Body, Spirit as well as nutrition, lifestyle, rest, recovery, social interaction, movement and more.
    • Attendees will receive take away knowledgeable tips and tools about how to awaken to their own inner pharmacy by increasing their own internal harmony and  ease and reducing external dis-ease.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Emotional Eating and Our Relationship with Food

    • The audience will have a clear understanding about what emotional eating means. What can  cause it? How can it show up or present? Why does it occur? And what can be done to  overcome it?
    • The audience will gain an understanding of the science (the physiological and biochemical  reasons) as well as the emotional triggers behind cravings. They will learn how  to deconstruct cravings and become detectives of the soul. They will learn how to recognise  the body’s innate signs and symptoms and how to respond accordingly.
    • The audience will gain an awareness of the common feelings that drive emotional eating – the  feelings of FATS = Fear, Anger, Tension and Shame. They will also benefit in understanding the  importance of self-compassion, acceptance and self-appreciation in overcoming and moving  past the imprisoning fears and debilitating constructs that unhealthy relationships with food  can have.
    • This talk will navigate the shores of what emotional eating means, and deal with this subject  matter in a very sensitive way that is both informative and compassionate, that is scientific  and professional, but that is also steeped in deep understanding, experience and vulnerability  and one that gives hope and faith for a successful outcome.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    These virtual sessions, either as stand-alone workshops or as a series, will focus on re-energising and re-focusing mind, body and spirit to empower participants make sustainable and tangible  improvements to their mental, physical and emotional well-being. In each workshop participants will  be given the tools and resources to proactively review their own personal health and wellness, tap  into their own authentic motivation, learn valuable insights into our incredible brains and how  integrated our systems are. 

    They are designed as fun and engaging sessions that empower and enable attendees to unlock and rediscover and re-ignite their best self. 

    All sessions will be recorded to allow participants to access the sessions at a time and place that suits them. They can also keep the sessions as a powerful resource that they can revisit anytime they need to. 

    The sessions can be delivered as: 

    Live sessions that will be recorded and shared immediately after the session

    Pre-recorded sessions 

    Podcasts that allow people listen to the session in pieces and also while they attend to other  tasks as they only require audio 

    Pre-recorded and live experiential sessions of meditation and/or yoga 

    Live Q&As

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