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Miriam Hussey

travels from Ireland

Health and nutritional coach, pharmacist, and yoga instructor on a mission to improve mental health and well-being

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With a passion for well-being, health and human performance speaker Miriam Hussey is on a mission to better people’s lives and ignite their potential! Her professional background gives her a holistic expertise, and her energy and charisma shines through on stage.

Speaker Miriam Hussey is an Integrated Health, Wellness and Nutritional coach with a focus on mind-body connection. Miriam worked as a pharmacist for 10 years before she realized she wanted to expand her skills and knowledge and now offers a fully integrated and holistic approach to health, happiness and well-being. Besides her inspiring keynotes, Miriam also offers yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness sessions as well as holistic massage therapy.

As a speaker Miriam Hussey is engaging and passionate. Her expertise and experience allow her to present to any audience and give the best advice. Miriam was recently accredited an All – Star Business Award for Thought Leader in Human Health and Performance. We all know it’s important to have good mental health, but many of us simply don’t prioritize to work on ourselves because it feels selfish or too time-consuming. However, the reality is that to be a better colleague, father, sister, leader, friend or neighbor we have to take that time to work on our health and well-being! This is what Miriam can help you with by providing the right tools and understanding of your health.

See keynotes with Miriam Hussey

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    An Integrated Approach to Human Health, Happiness, Well-being and Performance

    • In this talk, Miriam inspires, motivates and encourages her audience to understand the importance of integrated health and well-being.
    • Using her qualifications and experience in pharmacology, this talk bridges the gap between conventional medicine and holistic health. It provides awareness and practical tips about what it truly means to be healthy and well.
    • The talk incorporates themes and topics based around Healing, Thriving, Awakening to your best self and Nourishment both on and off the plate. 

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Nutritional Wellbeing

    • Using food to fuel performance – this talk includes and goes beyond the importance of what we eat and how we eat to also look at why we eat and when we eat to fuel mind and body and improve health and performance both in personal and professional life.
    • Sometimes we are not fed by the food on our plate but by the energy and passion in our lives. The audience will learn the importance of nourishing ourselves in ways that go beyond the plate. What feeds your soul? What are you truly hungry for in life?
    • An inspiring talk that will open your mind to the broader context of human health and well-being.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    The power of the breath and the importance of meditation and mindfulness for health and performance

    • In this inspiring keynote, Miriam teaches the importance of simply breathing and being mindful in your life. Learn essential practical everyday tips around mindfulness, meditation and breathing to help reduce stress and anxiety, insomnia and other health-related concerns.  
    • Gain knowledge and understand the science behind meditation and its benefits. Learn the art of implementing rest and recovery into your everyday life through an experiential guided meditation guided by Miriam.
    • All attendees will gain greater awareness of how to reset, reboot and refocus physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Awakening Your Inner Pharmacy

    • In this talk, the audience will learn to understand the mind-body connection and the impact and impressions that our thoughts, emotions and actions have on our physical bodies.
    • This talk will increase attendee’s awareness around the connection between science and healing, medicine and meditation and the importance of bridging the gap between conventional and alternative healthcare
    • Attendees will receive take-away knowledgeable tips and tools about how to awaken their own inner pharmacy by increasing their own internal harmony and ease.

    Keynote by Speaker Miriam Hussey

    Emotional Eating and our relationship with food;

    • In this informative keynote, Miriam provides a clear understanding of what emotional eating means. What can cause it? How can it show up or present? Why does it occur? And what can be done to overcome it? 
    • Gain an understanding of the science (the physiological and biochemical reasons) as well as the emotional triggers behind cravings. They will learn how to deconstruct cravings and become detectives of the soul.
    • This talk will navigate the shores of what emotional eating means, and deal with this matter in a very sensitive way that is both informative and compassionate as well as scientific and professional.
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