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Discover the inspiring journey of tech prodigy Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay Bakshi

travels from Canada

Tanmay Bakshi is a 19-year-old tech prodigy, bestselling author, TED & keynote speaker, and Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning.

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Tanmay Bakshi is a Canadian tech prodigy and author born in 2003. He has achieved numerous accomplishments in his young career, including being a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, an instructor at the University of Winnipeg, and a media personality. He's passionate about using his knowledge to create technology that benefits humanity, and his impressive work has been recognized globally with awards and titles.

Why you should book Tanmay Bakshi for your next event

  • His impressive list of credentials, including being a bestselling author, Google Developer Expert, and instructor at the University of Winnipeg, make him a valuable speaker for any event related to technology and innovation.
  • Tanmay’s passion for technology and desire to use it to change the world is truly inspiring. His energy and enthusiasm when speaking about his work and the potential of technology to benefit humanity is contagious and will engage audiences of all ages.
  • He’s a talented keynote speaker who has delivered talks on a wide range of topics, from mental health and mindfulness to entrepreneurship and leadership. This versatility makes him a great choice for any event looking for a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.

At only 19 years old, Tanmay Bakshi is an accomplished tech prodigy with an impressive list of credentials. He’s a Bestselling Author, TED & Keynote Speaker, Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, AI & Software Architect for IBM Watson Apps, Instructor at University of Winnipeg, Visiting Professor at iUniversity Tokyo, Media Personality, and YouTuber. Tanmay’s passion lies in creating technology that enhances the lives of others, with a goal of empowering over 100,000 people to use technology to change the world.

Over the past eleven years, Tanmay has addressed over 300,000 executives, developers, and students in more than 30 countries. Some of the organizations he’s keynoted for include The United Nations, Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, Google, KPMG, Linux Foundation, Heineken, Shell, HSBC, and Amazon.

Tanmay’s love for coding started at the young age of five, and by nine, he had published an iOS app on the App Store. He was even named a Newsmaker of the Year by The Toronto Star, inspiring aspiring developers across the world.

One of Tanmay’s most impressive feats is developing AI techniques at IBM that are revolutionizing the drive-thru experience at McDonald’s. He’s also created applications that can augment songwriters, recognize people by their heartbeat, and decode mental states from EEG data, among other projects.

His work has been recognized globally with awards and titles such as Young Entrepreneur by Bloomberg Businessweek, the Knowledge Ambassador Award by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, Twilio Doer Award, Life Mentor Award by the Creative Foundation, Young Edison Award by Shanghai TV, Top 30 Under 30 Canadian Developers Award, and Top 25 Tech Influencer on LinkedIn by Onalytica, to name just a few.

Tanmay’s accomplishments have been featured in international media outlets such as The Toronto Star, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNBC, CBC, and more.

Through his work, Tanmay is making a positive difference in the world, striving to create technology that benefits humanity. He continues to undertake projects that are close to his heart, driven by his desire to use his knowledge to change the world for the better.

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Keynote by Tanmay Bakshi

Unleashing the Power of AI for a Safer, More Ethical Digital Future

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of AI and machine learning! As these cutting-edge technologies continue to transform our lives, it’s more critical than ever to prioritize digital trust and ensure that user data is handled safely, securely, and ethically.

In this captivating talk, we’ll explore how organizations can harness the full potential of AI to drive a safer, more ethical digital revolution. Discover the key tools and best practices you need to build and launch AI solutions that users can trust. Learn from real-world examples of AI innovations that are already making a positive impact, and get insider tips on how to structure your business for maximum impact from data and AI.

Throughout the talk, we’ll also examine the potential benefits and challenges of implementing AI solutions and offer practical insights to help you navigate this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.

By the end of this talk, you’ll gain a fresh and exciting perspective on the potential of AI and machine learning to transform our world, all while ensuring that data privacy and ethics remain at the forefront. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the future of digital innovation!

Keynote by Tanmay Bakshi

Demystifying AI and ML: Understanding Their Capabilities and Dispelling Existential Threats

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are often perceived as either panaceas or existential threats to humanity. In reality, AI and ML are complex technologies with strengths and limitations that depend on their design and application.

In this talk, we’ll explore what AI and ML are, how they work, and what they’re capable of, while dispelling myths about their existential threat to humanity. We’ll also discuss the historical events and trends that have led to the current understanding of AI and ML, and the implications for the future. Join us for an informative and balanced look at AI and ML that will help you form a sober and informed view of these technologies.

Keynote by Tanmay Bakshi

Empowering the Next Generation: Why Youth Involvement in Technology Matters

Human innovation has led to unprecedented advancements in technology. However, to maintain this progress, we must ensure that the younger generation is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to build and innovate upon today’s complex technology. Failure to do so risks stalling our momentum and hindering future progress.

In this talk, I’ll dive into the importance of involving youth in technology and innovation. By providing personalized and unbiased education, we can empower young people to become active participants in shaping the technology of tomorrow. Through diverse and inclusive educational initiatives, we can ensure that every young person has the opportunity to contribute to the future of technology. Join us as we explore how to prepare the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, and why investing in their education is essential for continued human progress.

Keynote by Tanmay Bakshi

Maximizing the Potential of Machine Learning in Your Applications: A Developer's Guide

As a developer, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new and shiny technologies like machine learning. But how do you determine where and when to use this technology in your applications?

In this talk, we’ll explore practical strategies for effectively integrating machine learning into your projects. We’ll discuss how to streamline the process and focus on the essentials, while addressing common challenges like mitigating bias and protecting user privacy. By the end of this talk, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make the most of machine learning in your applications and solutions.

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Technology that tackles the teen suicide epidemic | Tanmay Bakshi | TED Institute

See keynotes with Tanmay Bakshi
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