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Jolanta Burke

Psychologist, Academic and Writer
Country: Ireland, UK

Keynote speaker Jolanta Burke is a positive psychologist acknowledged by the Irish Times as one of the 30 people who make life better. She is an academic, writer and researcher, passionate about well-being and ‘Stretching’ human potential.

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Jolanta Burke lectures positive psychology at the University of East London and is a guest speaker at many other various MBA and HR business throughout the UK and Ireland. She has spoken at event across three continents and has published extensively in academic journals, newspapers and a variety of psychological and popular magazines.

She has been a guest on various radio shows and hosted her own show about the psychology of well-being. Recently, Jolanta has launched her own YouTube channel: Positive Psychology for Life with Dr Jolanta Burke, which helps people familiarise themselves with the science of well-being and how to use it every day.

Over the years, Jolanta has collaborated with businesses and organisations across various sectors, from Pharma such as Pfizer and Novartis, to Tech Companies such as Google and Storyful. In addition to this, Jolanta is the Author of ‘Happiness after 30: The Paradox of Aging’, and her latest book ‘Flourishing Employees: The Psychology of People at their Best’ investigates the best methods for creating a passionate and positive workplace.

    Speaker Jolanta Burke Keynote Topics

    • Flourishing in the Workplace
    • Passion for Work is Just Not Enough
    • Turning Stress into Positive Energy
    • The Art of ‘Stretching’ Human Potential
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