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Jeremy Goldberg

Expert in Behavior Change and Advocate for Kindness
Country: Canada

Keynote speaker Jeremy Goldberg is the founder of Long Distance Love Bombs: a kind and inspiring collaboration to kick-start an awesome smorgasbord of support.

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Dr. Jeremy Goldberg is a scientist trying to start a revolution in his spare time. Jeremy recently completed a PhD in behavior change, focusing specifically on how our attitudes influence our actions, why habits form, and how we can design our lives to positively impact the world around us. He has presented his research at international retreats, conferences, and in online workshops.


Jeremy doesn’t want to accept the apathy that has become the norm and so he asked himself:

What if kindness was cool?

And he began a kindness revolution.

Jeremy started small by leaving little love bombs around, then sharing more and more of his own writing on social media. His ideas have started a wave of kindness which helps people find the strength to fight heartache, alcoholism, depression, and betrayal.


Jeremy is honest, raw, and inspiring with a passionate and poetic speaking style. But don’t take my word on it, watch his TEDx talk here:

    Speaker Jeremy Goldberg Keynote Topics

    • Using kindness, gratitude and vulnerability as a means to foster connection and empathy between people
    • Using science to help establish better habits in a more productive manner, i.e. to helping people change their own lives
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