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Ted Meyer

Ted Meyer

Artist, Curator, and Patient Advocate
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Ted Meyer helps patients, students and medical professionals see the positive in the worst life can offer. Ted’s 18-year project “Scarred for Life: Mono-prints of Human Scars” chronicles the trauma and courage of people who have lived through accidents and health crises.

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Ted Meyer is an artist whose art was inspired by his experience with the pain and frustration of suffering from Gaucher Disease growing up. His life was changed when a medical breakthrough in therapy meant he didn’t have to suffer anymore. Now Ted’s art focuses on bringing compassion into the world of medicine by blending art and medicine, doctors and patients. Ted seeks to improve patient/physician communications and speaks about living as an artist with illness. Through these stories, he offers insight into living with pain, illness, and disfigurement. Ted’s “Scarred for Life” series chronicles events that suddenly changed people’s lives. During an expansive narrated visual presentation, audiences come to understand how a lifetime of chronic illness impacts an artist’s work.


Ted turns devastating illnesses into a source of artistic expression, giving voice to people around the world living with rare diseases and disfigurement. Ted’s painting have been shown around the world, from Europe, to Asia, and throughout the United States. With subject matter ranging from introspective, to down right humorous, his narrative always looks at human interactions. Ted has been featured on NPR and in the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and USA Today. His work has been displayed internationally in museums, hospitals, and galleries. As the current Artist in Residence at Keck School of Medicine at USC, Ted curates exhibitions of artwork by patients whose subject matter coincides with medical school curriculum. Ted has curated shows by artists challenged by MS, cancer, germ phobias, back pain, and other diseases. In addition, he is a Visiting Scholar at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, invited to take part in the Aspen Seminars, was recently names The 2017 Sterling Visiting Professorship at Stanford University, and has been a TEDMED mainstage speaker.


    Speaker Ted Meyer Keynote Topics

    • Medical Art
    • Gaucher Disease
    • Chronic Illness
    • Patient Experience
    • Health
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