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Marc Hauser

World Record Holder and Motivational Speaker
Country: Switzerland

Keynote speaker Marc Hauser is a successful speaker, adventurer and entrepreneur. Although afraid of heights, he set the world record for the fastest horizontal free fall in speed tracking, a form of skydiving in 2012. His motivational speeches center around the topics of courage, endurance and making dreams tangible.

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The Hero-Maker 

Marc Hauser is an exceptional motivator with first hand experience. He has the ability to empower people to make unbelieveable things possible – because he did it himself.

While being afraid of heights, Marc Hauser he empowered himself to become the world record holder in extreme parachute jumping and flew at 304 km/h over an entire city. Therefore he is the fastest person in horizontal free fall, so called speed tracking. The discipline speed tracking was created by Marc Hauser himself.

Marc Hauser also sold the second most expensive picture already at his first art exhibition, although being not really able to paint. He can be called an allround man. As a successful entrepreneur he leads the naming agency erfolgswelle® Ltd.

Marc Hauser has the unique ability to understand, implement and realize desires and dream. He facilitates the path from idea to action and inspires his audience to do the same. When Marc enters a room and begins a speech, he brings fresh motivation and new courage with a long-term effect: Successful self-management becomes tangible.

Marc Hauser inspires people to perform their own heroic deeds. He enables his audience to see the striving for happiness and success in an expanded context.

    Keynote by Speaker Marc Hauser 

    The Hero-Maker Speech

    • As a world record holder in extreme skydiving, Marc Hauser can serve as an example of how you can deal with your own fears. For originally, he had a fear of heights…


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Hauser 

    Breaking down borders, daring to do something new, and making progress: these are his topics.

    • For this, you must know how to handle the setbacks that help us grow.
    • Among other things, Marc Hauser does two interactive experiments on the topic of creativity and innovation. The participation rate for these experiments is nearly 100%, the smiling factor and the AHA effect are similar. Furthermore, your guests will see breathtaking pictures of the record parachute jump and a short video sequence in free fall.


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Hauser 

    Naming as the key

    • Marc Hauser shows the audience how purposeful naming of your own intentions can lead to success. As the owner of an international naming agency, Marc knows the effect of projects that suddenly have names and come to lives.
    • The audience will play air-gold tennis, an inspiring poetic discipline that nobody knows about.


    Keynote by Speaker Marc Hauser 

    Marvel, reflect, laugh – and especially MOTIVATE.

    • In this talk Marc Hauser combines information and emotion as infotainment with a good portion of humor. The people in the audience should take the opportunity as heroes to find fresh courage and be ready for their own heroic deeds in everyday life.

Marc Hauser’s Keynote Speaking Topics