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Diversity Advocate and Tech Leadership Visionary

Sonya Barlow

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Elevate your event with Sonya Barlow, BBC Presenter & LMF Network CEO. Expert in tech, diversity, and inclusion, inspiring organizations to reshape cultures.

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Boost your event with Sonya Barlow—BBC Presenter, Tech Leader, Diversity Speaker. Her insights drive change and foster inclusive leadership. Book now for a keynote that reshapes cultures and propels success.

Why you should book Sonya Barlow for your next event

  • Inclusive Leadership Expertise: Sonya Barlow delivers actionable strategies for inclusive leadership, equipping your team with tools to drive diversity and innovation.
  • Neurodiversity Advocacy: Sonya’s neurodivergent perspective brings a fresh outlook on problem-solving. Discover the benefits of embracing neurodiversity for enhanced creativity and productivity.
  • Top 50 Women in Tech: Benefit from the expertise of one of Europe’s leading women in tech. Sonya’s keynotes offer unparalleled insights into navigating the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Meet Sonya Barlow, a powerhouse blending roles as a BBC Presenter, LMF Network CEO, and renowned Keynote Speaker. With a tech and business background, she’s led groundbreaking solutions across Europe. As CEO of Like Minded Females (LMF), she’s committed to reshaping workplace culture.

Named among Europe’s Top 50 women in tech and the UK Entrepreneur of the Year, Sonya’s impact is undeniable. Hosting the acclaimed radio show “The Everyday Hustle,” she brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Keynote Speaker.

Booking Sonya Barlow for your event means investing in transformative leadership. Her keynotes, delivered globally, offer insights into reshaping cultures, navigating tech challenges, and embracing diversity for success.

Whether boosting innovation or navigating the future of work, Sonya’s keynotes leave a lasting impact. Book Sonya Barlow as your Keynote Speaker for an event that inspires transformative leadership.

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We know that inclusive practises can generate 33% more profit for businesses, but in practice what does this mean? Sonya is a thought leader on all things diversity and inclusion, covering topics from introduction to diversity to inclusive allyship, leaderships styles, to hiring best practices and retention of staff. She knows mentoring, knowledge sharing and networks support inclusive practises which workplaces leverage to build our profitable organisations. 

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Failure is a common trait which very few of us want to touch on, given that everything online looks pretty and perfect. Sonya is honest about her failure journey, from being fired in the workplace to facing rejections along the way. All these experiences have given her the resilience to develop her career as a public figure. As well as resilience, Sonya covers recovery, failure, imposter syndrome and confidence.

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Future of Work

According to recent stats, the future of work and shortage of soft skills is costing £22bn. The topics Sonya can cover on the future of work include AI and digital transformation, soft and professional skills, mentorship, remote working, ed tech and alternative education, as well as gender equality, accessibility and workplace flexibility.

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Sonya is a Pakistani woman open about her struggles with mental health, ADHD and chronic migraines which has brought on levels of loneliness and determination. Recgonising that few brown woman represent the neurodiversity space, Sonya is keen to contribute to this ongoing discussion with her lived and learnt experiences, cultural context and neuro conditions, which seem to be trending but very few understand.

Watch Sonya Barlow in action

Please, Come Online | Building community using technology | Sonya Barlow | TEDxFulwood

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