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Vince Ebert

travels from Austria, Germany

Scientist, comedian and business expert showing people how to use the unpredictability of the future to their advantage

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Speaker Vince Ebert is a top science comedian. As a keynote speaker, his style is truly unique as he connects business, humour and science in a special way. He is dedicated to showing people why the future is not predictable and how to use this to their advantage. His sharp and entertaining keynotes earned Vince a great reputation as companies like Siemens and Merck frequently hire him.

Why you should book speaker Vince Ebert

  • Vince is a comedian that has a large amount of experience in the business sector.
  • As a regular host of a science show on ARD, he is a really skillful public speaker.
  • He is versatile, his keynotes are available both in English and German.

After completing his studies as a physicist, speaker Vince Ebert began his career at an international consultancy agency where he gained significant experience in marketing and business. To inspire more people, in 1998 Vince decided to leave his job and discovered his passion for the stage. His knowledge in business is a great asset to inspire people from the business sector. Companies such as Siemens and Merck frequently hire Vince for their events. Furthermore, as Vince regularly hosts a science show on the German channel ARD, he has a significant amount of experience in speaking.

Audiences truly enjoy Vince’s keynotes as his unique way of connecting business with science and humour gets the message through. With the topics Big Dadaismus and Accidentally Successful! speaker Vince Ebert offers brand new perspectives and inspiration for all kinds of organisations. His sharp and provoking arguments truly enrich a keynote and encourage the audience to think in new and unconventional ways. Speaker Vince Ebert is not only an informative and inspirational keynote speaker but he also knows how to turn your event into a truly memorable experience.

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    Keynote by Speaker Vince Ebert

    Big Dadaism – A common sense approach to digitisation

    Will Big Data and Artificial Intelligence really revolutionise the way we work? Vince suggests that we take a step back and relax a bit. In this keynote, speaker Vince Ebert debunks popular myths regarding our future and clarifies the role of technologies such as AI in our lives.

    • Through surprising and funny examples, Vince will show that humans will always be better than any computer – even in the future.
    • He will also teach you how to use your imagination and creativity to be successful in the future.
    • Vince designed the talk Big Dadaism to encourage his audience to use common sense instead of blindly following the digital hysteria which surrounds us these days.

    Keynote by Speaker Vince Ebert

    Randomly successful! – Why the world is not predictable and how you can use that

    Do you believe in coincidences? If your answer is no, think back to the time when you met your partner or got your first job. Do you really plan every step you take in your life? It is clear that there are many influencing factors in our lives we cannot influence. Similarly, if we look at the timeline of our civilisation, there are many coincidences which lead to big inventions. For example, the inventor of porcelain wanted to create gold first and Viagra was invented as a heart medication.

    • In this keynote, speaker Vince Ebert will explain how we come across coincidences and why it is so hard for us to accept them.
    • With the help of science, neuro-marketing and chaos theory, he will show you how can we give coincidences a chance, as they are necessary to create and innovate.


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