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Ron Williams

Ron Williams

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Former secret service agent now running his own security strategy company and sharing his great expertise within security

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With a successful 22 year long career as a secret service agent, keynote speaker Ron Williams has all the experience, and reliability necessary to effectively consult on and speak about various forms of security. Today he runs his own security strategy company and is involved in all aspects of security consulting. Governments, presidents, and companies have sought his expertise and advice in matters such as security logistics, IT security, and anti-terrorism.

Ron Williams completed a successful 22-year tenure with United States Secret Service. He then entered private sector security, opening what has become a premier security consulting suite of companies, Talon Companies.  As Chief Executive Officers of Talon Executive Services, Inc., Secure Strategies International, LLC and Talon Cyber Tec, LLC, Williams is involved with all aspects of security consulting, including critical infrastructure protection requiring Top Secret clearance.

While with the Secret Service, Williams had the opportunity to work and supervise all divisions of the Secret Service in the Los Angeles Field Office. This included supervision of the credit card and financial fraud squad, the counterfeit squad, the Presidential Protection Squad and the elite Counter Assault Team (CAT) to combat terrorism.

Mr. Williams was responsible for all advance security plans and logistics coordination for Presidential, Vice-Presidential, and foreign heads-of-state visits to Los Angeles, personally protecting Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, as well as such noted dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth, Yitzhak Shamir, and Pope John Paul.  Williams work with security resulted in numerous awards including the United States Secret Service Director’s Award for Special Achievement on eight occasions.

In 1994, his focus turned toward private security and he formed what would become the first of the Talon Companies, Talon Executive Services, Inc., a private security consulting firm that combined best practices of private sector security with Secret Service protection protocols.

In the wake of 9/11, Talon was called upon to conduct Risk & Vulnerability Assessments to critical infrastructures such as water districts and transportation authorities, resulting in a specialized branch of security now handled by Secure Strategies International, LLC.  As a Talon company, Secure Strategies has access to all the resources of Talon while specializing on projects that require top-secret security clearance.

Over time, the evolution of security assessments and protection continued and the need to blend physical security with IT security became increasingly evident.  As new protocols were developed and this blend of security more clearly defined, Talon Cyber Tec, LLC was created to oversee specific projects.

Because of his expertise in the field of anti-terrorism, Mr. Williams was asked by the California Gubernatorial delegation in 2002, to meet with Tom Ridge regarding homeland security.  His association with AFAUSSS (Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service), ASIS (American Society of Industry Security), ATAP (Association of Threat Assessment Professionals) American Water Works Association (AWWA) Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) to name a few, keeps him abreast of all matters involving security and threat assessment.  He is also an active member of the FBI’s InfraGard program, U.S. State Department Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) and OCPST (Orange County Private Sector Terrorist Response).

On several occasions, Mr. Williams has appeared on Fox News Channel as well as other national shows as a security analyst and terrorism expert.  He was also the keynote speaker at the Alabama Governor’s Conference on Violence in the Workplace Prevention and continues to educate organizations on various security issues through specialized seminars and training.

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Interview with Ron Williams

How has the security industry changed since your time as a Secret Service Agent?
Fraud has become much more Transnational as the global marketplace has shrunk. A perpetrator in Russia can steal trade secrets and identities in Atlanta, Georgia, or Los Angeles by accessing a computer.

What are some of the security threats that today’s companies should be particularly aware of?
All companies should provide layered security for their information systems to protect proprietary data from outside hackers as well as “insider” employee thefts.

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen since 9/11?
Security Technologies have revolutionized the security industry. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) can provide real time surveillance and response. Bio tech products such as facial recognition is extremely valuable in the fight against terrorists.

What types of benefits do audiences get from your presentations?
I have appeared on FOX as a counter-terrorist expert on numerous occasions. The audience will take away valuable information about cyber fraud, violence in the workplace prevention and knowledge about how to deal with dysfunctional behaviors.

What types of audiences benefit most from your keynotes and why?
C level executives, and small business owners. They will be able to understand risk management and steps they must take to minimize risk to protect their business.

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