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Pete Blank

Pete Blank

Training Manager and Leadership Advisor
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Pete Blank is friendly, outgoing, and passionate about customer service and effective leadership. Let him help your management team achieve better results.

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Keynote speaker Pete Blank has years of experience, in various fields, as a TV Sportscaster, a leader at The Walt Disney Company, and a leadership consultant for local government. He is passionate about customer service and effective leadership, and wants to help your management team. In his talks, he readily shares his vast experience in leadership and customer service to help your management team improve their skills in a way that benefits them and their company. There’s never a dull moment with Pete Blank: he is a friendly, outgoing, and humorous speaker who uses personal experience and storytelling along with current research to keep his audience engaged.

Besides being a speaker, Pete Blank has applied his knowledge and humor in his book: “Employee Engagement: Lessons from the Mouse House”, which is based on his 13 years of experience at Disney, as Domestic Learning Manager. His second book titled Pick up the Roach: Why Great Leaders do the Little Things is currently in production.

    Keynote by Speaker Pete Blank 


    • Managers are trained to spend time balancing budgets, organizing workflow and delivering results. Very few have time to stop and focus on the small details. But the details are usually the difference between a mediocre manager and a successful leader. Through a fascinating lesson from a simple roach, keynote speaker Pete Blank will share six simple, yet essential traits that leaders can emulate every day to improve their people, their product, and their property.


    Keynote by Speaker Pete Blank


    • If you have ever visited a Disney Theme Park across the globe, you may feel that ‘nobody does customer service like Disney’.  Although the execution is complex, the baseline concepts are quite simple. In this session, you will uncover customer service strategies from Walt Disney himself, and then learn how to apply these lessons to your own organization which will enhance your levels of customer service.


    Keynote by Speaker Pete Blank


    • Successful companies like The Walt Disney Company are able to keep most of their employees engaged and motivated in the workplace. How do they do it, and what can we learn from them? This session takes a humorous look at how to increase your engagement levels as well as the levels of your co-workers!
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