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Inspire Critical Thinking: Expert Presenter on Truth in Journalism

Damita Pressl

travels from Switzerland

Award-winning journalist & presenter empowering organizations with insightful keynotes on geopolitics, policy, and truth in journalism.

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Looking for an exceptional keynote speaker to captivate your audience and make your event unforgettable? Damita Pressl, an acclaimed journalist and captivating speaker, is the answer. With a wealth of experience hosting debates, interviews, and conferences, Damita brings extensive knowledge on geopolitics, policy, and truth in journalism. Unlock fresh perspectives, empower evidence-informed decision making, and inspire critical thinking by booking Damita Pressl. From shedding light on mental health policy to unraveling complex political landscapes, her dynamic style and expertise will energize your attendees. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Secure your booking with Damita Pressl today and take your event to new heights. Contact us now to make it happen!

Why you should book Damita Pressl for your next event

  • Unlock Fresh Perspectives: With Damita Pressl as your keynote speaker, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge on policy and truth in journalism. She will empower your audience with fresh perspectives, encouraging them to approach challenges from innovative angles.
  • Navigate Complex Political Landscapes: Gain a competitive edge by leveraging Damita Pressl’s deep understanding of Austrian, Swiss, and European politics. Her insights and analysis will help your organization navigate intricate political landscapes and make informed strategic decisions.
  • Award-Winning Journalist and Presenter: Enhance your event with an award-winning journalist and presenter. Damita Pressl’s accolades validate her expertise and guarantee a high-quality keynote speech that will impress your audience and elevate your event.

Looking for a keynote speaker who can captivate your audience and deliver a transformative experience? Look no further than Damita Pressl. With her remarkable expertise as a journalist, presenter, and moderator, Damita has become a sought-after name in the world of keynote speaking.

When you book Damita Pressl as your keynote speaker, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and an electrifying stage presence. With a decade of professional experience hosting debates, interviews, conferences, and podcasts, Damita has mastered the art of engaging diverse audiences on topics ranging from politics and policy to truth in journalism.

Damita Pressl is the perfect choice to elevate your organization’s event. With her, you unlock a clear value proposition tailored to meet the needs of B2B customers seeking a memorable and impactful experience.

First and foremost, Damita empowers evidence-informed decision making. In a time where misinformation and biased reporting abound, Damita’s unwavering commitment to objective journalism and rigorous analysis sets her apart. By booking Damita as your keynote speaker, you equip your team with the essential tools to navigate complexities, make informed choices, and drive positive change within your organization.

Additionally, Damita Pressl unravels the intricate world of Austrian, Swiss, and European politics. Her insider’s perspective and extensive knowledge provide invaluable insights for organizations operating in these regions. By tapping into Damita’s expertise, you gain a competitive edge, enabling your organization to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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Keynote by speaker Damita Pressl

Navigating the Media: Rediscover Truth and Reliable Sources

Tired of misinformation and growing distrust in the media? Unlock the power of journalism with Damita Pressl’s transformative keynotes. She unravels the inner workings of journalism, demystifies “the media” as part of “the establishment,” and explores the concept of truth and objectivity. By booking Damita Pressl, you equip your audience with the tools to navigate the complex landscape of news and regain trust in reliable sources. Inspire critical thinking, foster evidence-informed decision making, and empower your organization to separate fact from fiction. Book Damita Pressl and ignite a journalistic revolution.


  • Moderator & presenter for conferences, debates, panels on geopolitics, policy, economic & social issues. Previous clients: Forum Alpbach, Erste Bank, Greiner AG.
  • Journalism and truth in the broadest sense – how does journalism work, “the media” as part of “the establishment” & growing distrust around it, what is “truth” and what does “objectivity” mean.
  • Evidence-informed policy, factfulness and rationality.
  • Mental health policy.
  • Austrian, Swiss & European politics (previously appeared on the BBC speaking about a potential Austrian vaccine mandate).

Damita is fluent in German, English and French, which she’s comfortable delivering keynotes and/or moderating in.

Watch Damita Pressl in action

Austria Lockdown: 'Historically we've been a country quite sceptic of science', says journalist

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