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Jack Black

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Founder and Course Director of MindStore International coaching business leaders and top entrepreneurs around the world

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Jack is recognised for his passionate, charismatic and inspirational style. He is a leader in the field of personal development who is committed to providing unique presentations. He designs his input to meet his clients' brief while always ensuring his audience leave with easy-to-use tools and techniques for improving their performance.

Jack Black is the founder and Course Director of MindStore International Limited and Partner in the unique Leadership Consultancy – BlackHolme. He has nearly 30 years’ experience of coaching Sporting World Champions, Business Leaders across every sector and highly successful Entrepreneurs.

He has delivered his unique programs to over half a million people worldwide. Hundreds of leading companies have engaged him to either design extraordinary development packages for their
leadership and teams or as an inspirational and motivational speaker at their conferences.

He firmly believes that outstanding performance can be achieved through the coaching of his powerful tools and techniques. His presentations tend to include elements of five key characteristics of sustained success: Managing stress, unshakable positive attitudes and commitment to compelling
goals, enhanced creativity and emotional intelligence.

“If the most successful people in the world seeking to be continually coached and be pushed to dobetter, then you can be absolutely sure that you need to do too.”


  • Jack was born in Glasgow and raised and educated in the UK.
  • Jack has taught “MindStore” to business leaders and many top entrepreneurs. Over half of the FTSE 100 leading companies are clients. World champions and teams from sport, entertainers and endless leaders and work forces from blue chip companies around the world have all benefited from his teachings.
  • Jack has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes. He is regularly featured in magazines and national newspapers. Jack continues to work with international leaders in the field of performance coaching, creating leading edge approaches to organisational and personal development. Jack continues to be busy presenting on the international conference circuit.
  • Jack is married, lives and works in the UK and travels extensively to share the MindStore System around the world.
  • Jack is also a book author. His bestselling books are ‘MINDSTORE the Ultimate Mental Fitness Programme’ and ‘MINDSTORE for Personal Development’


Jack has presented the MindStore System to over half a million people worldwide. He has delivered many key note presentations to audiences in the UK, Europe and Overseas covering topics such as motivation, change, teamwork, entrepreneurial success and stress management.

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    Speaker Jack Black Keynote Topics

    • The myth of traditional goal-setting
    • How to develop and reinforce a positive and optimistic company culture
    • Enhancing your competitive advantage with innovative and creative thinking
    • The power of ‘whole brain thinking’
    • Motivation and Peak Performance
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Self-confidence, the Five Characteristics of Success

    Through his motivating presentation style that is inspiring and entertaining Jack is able to move audiences to make massive changes in their way of thinking. His unique input will make any event an extraordinary and special day.

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