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Kul Mahay

Leadership Specialist & Executive Coach
Country: UK

Leadership speaker Kul Mahay served for 3 decades in the UK police service – two of those as a leader. His passion for leadership led him to undergo several coaching qualifications and now he has been coaching leaders for over 20 years.

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Speaker Kul Mahay works with a global client base of business owners and senior leaders, using his unique and intensive style of ‘Immersion Coaching’. He coaches, speaks and trains on the art of leadership as well as how to create empowered workplace cultures.

Kul Mahay’s personal coaching client base spans around the globe. His clients don’t only reach far and wide geographically, but also in their sectors. He has worked with police forces, universities, fire services, as well as the oil industry in the UK, UAE, Qatar, India and Ukraine.

Kul’s passion for leadership is evident in everything that he does. On top of working as a coach and speaker Kul Mahay is the founder of one of the fastest growing inner leadership events in the UK: IGNITE YOUR INNER POTENTIAL™, which is delivered at public, organisational and youth levels.

In addition, speaker Kul Mahay is the author of the popular book, ‘Smash the Habit’, which draws on his experience of overcoming long-held habits. Kul strongly believes that physical habits are just symptoms of mind habits – and easily treatable when you set your mind to it!


    Keynote by Speaker Kul Mahay


    • Kul Mahay is a highly respected leadership speaker. Book a keynote on exactly what your leadership needs. Become an extraordinary leader with the art of Inner Leadership or be prepared for anything with a talk on leading through challenging times.

    Keynote by Speaker Kul Mahay

    Workplace Well-being

    • Keynote speaker Kul Mahay is passionate about creating healthy organisations and empowered workplace cultures. He presents insights gained from working for decades as a leader and speaker, coaching individuals and organizations to be the best they can.

    Keynote by Speaker Kul Mahay


    • In this talk, speaker Kul Mahay will present strategies for achieving personal and professional success. Audience members learn to harness the power of purpose, overcome their fears and build confidence. Kul can tailor this talk to your needs, and help you achieve success!

    Keynote by Speaker Kul Mahay

    Habits & Personality

    • Keynote speaker Kul Mahay teaches audiences about emotional intelligence, and delivers actionable tools for harnessing the power of your habits and mindset. He can also discuss how to understand and leverage different personality types in your workplace.

    Keynote by Speaker Kul Mahay

    Communication & Presentation

    • Become a powerful communicator and an authentic speaker with Kul Mahay’s actionable lessons.
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