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Experienced undercover investigator and noted expert on security issues.

Danni Brooke

travels from Spain, UK

Danni Brooke is one of the most experienced female undercover investigators, having worked at the undercover officer unit with New Scotland Yard.

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Having joined the police force at just 18 years old, Danni Brooke's aptitude shone through and she was Quickly recruited into the undercover officer unit at New Scotland Yard in London. For the next decade, Danni got involved in high-rise undercover investigations all across the UK. From drugs gangs, firearms and prostitution, Danni has experienced all forms of criminality throughout her experience. Her work has lead to a high number of convictions of serious offenders and she never turned down a deployment in what was a physically and mentally demanding job.

Why you should book Danni Brooke for your next event

  • With over 10 years experience working as an undercover operative with the Metropolitan Police, Danni learned a lot about personal and social media security which she shares with her keynote audiences.
  • Danni Brooke is passionate about women being employed in traditionally male-dominated sectors, sharing this passion with her audiences and encouraging the next generation of women to pursue their goals regardless of gender stereotypes.
  • Danni is internationally renowned in the fields of covert operations and intelligence, with what she says holding a lot of trust. This makes her the perfect speaker for security conferences.

After leaving education aged 18, Danni aimed to join the police force. She passed the challenging training course for the Metropolitan Police and went on to serve with the met for over 10 years. Danni went on to working in private security after leaving the police force, leading numerous private Investigations and being head of intelligence services at RGI Solutions. She returned to the Metropolitan Police for a while in 2018 as an investigator, but left again so she could join the team on Channel 4 series Hunted. Danni has also been involved in Celeb Trolls We’re Coming For you on Channel 5 and has made appearances on numerous talk shows, including ITVs This Morning, sharing her advice for personal security and staying safe on social media. Currently Danni is the co-director of Fortalice Solutions LLC.

Spanning her career, Danni has proven herself to be an inspiration to others and a true asset to all the places she’s worked. She’s been commended as the most deployed female undercover operative across the British policing services. With such a significant accolade, Danni often likes to speak of how important it is to deploy women within traditionally male-dominated fields and believes that natural female skills are necessary across services such as the police force.

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Speaking topcis

Danni is the most successful Ground Hunter on Channels 4’s BAFTA nominated and Grierson award winning TV show, Hunted. The show is one of Channel 4’s flagship series’ and has been airing for over 5 years, also with a celebrity version now in its fourth year of filming. Danni is a former undercover policer officer and author.

Now Danni is presenting her knowledge and experience in an insightful keynote. Her keynotes will include the following topics:

  • Investigation and Intelligence
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Covert Operations
  • Handling pressure
  • Serious Organised Crime
  • Cyber security
  • Online investigations
  • Living in a digital world
  • Online safety
  • Resilience and determination
Watch Danni Brooke in action

What Does Your Facebook Know About You? | This Morning

See keynotes with Danni Brooke
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