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Speakers about police (4)

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John Iannarelli

John Iannarelli is a retired FBI Special Agent, expert in cyber investigations, author, and keynote speaker who shares his insights and humorous moments from his 20-year career in law enforcement. He has participated in high-profile investigations like the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 attack.

travels from USA

John Iannarelli is a highly accomplished former FBI Special Agent, cyber investigations expert, and engaging keynote speaker. He served for 20 years and was a part of several high-profile investigations, including the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11...


Danni Brooke

Danni Brooke is one of the most experienced female undercover investigators, having worked at the undercover officer unit with New Scotland Yard.

travels from Spain, UK

Having joined the police force at just 18 years old, Danni Brooke's aptitude shone through and she was Quickly recruited into the undercover officer unit at New Scotland Yard in London. For the next decade, Danni got involved in high-rise undercover...


Ferry Zandvliet

Terrorist attack survivor shows how to change a traumatic event into something positive and describes how sharing grief and talking about it is a form of therapy that can be a liberating experience.

travels from Netherlands

Ferry's outlook on life changed as a result of another traumatic experience, the terrorist attack at the Bataclan in Paris, in November, 2015. Instead of becoming angry and feeling sorry for himself, his experience taught him to reach out and help...


Kul Mahay

Kul is a highly engaging and sought after speaker with over 30 years’ experience in leadership in the most challenging of environments and speaks with authority and vision on the issues of culture, diversity and EQ in leadership.

travels from UK

Leadership and Culture Speaker, Kul served for 32 years in the UK police service, of which two thirds were spent at leadership level. In his life as a police leader he has overseen complex and varied departments and commanded critical and major...

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About Police

  • It is hard to imagine a rule of law without police, but how to ensure the best possible police force that will be a benefit to society and the people within it?
  • There is a popular and somewhat sarcastic saying that the police is the only instance within society that holds a monopoly on the use of sheer brute force and violence – this of course calls for great responsibility.
  • To what extent should the police force be protected by the law, to what extent should the law keep a watchful eye on the police to prevent mistakes, corruption, abuse of force etc.?
  • Keynote speakers on the police will typically look into questions such as these.
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